Sunday, June 3, 2012

Revenge & Forgiveness

 Today we got a bath.  I told mom I didn't need one but she said that "after Tuesday" we wouldn't be able to get wet for awhile so we'd better have a bath today.  I thought at first it was only Stanley that was getting a bath.  I could hear him in the bathroom getting all wet and I was just playing.  Mom even took me outside to pee.  I didn't cooperate because I was still concerned about all this talk of a bath.

When I came back inside, Stanley was still in the bathroom.  I could still hear the water running.

I could also hear dad saying "Good Boy" and stuff like that.

 I decided I better lay low so I slipped under the kitchen chair in hopes no one would pay attention to me.

When mom saw me, I switched and hid under the rocker.

Despite my hiding out, I was captured and taken into the bathroom where I was subjected to the humiliation of shampoo and conditioner.  Mom said it smelled really good, I thought it was gross.

 As you can see, when I am wet it is easier to see my long legs.  Normally my long fluffy hair hides them and makes them look like short stubs.  I resigned myself to the bath and just sat and endured it.  I had a plan to get even later.

Mom took me outside 2 times to pee and I refused.  I had to promise not to pee in the house.  "I won't", I said to my mom.  It has been a long time since I peed in the house so she foolishly believed me.

Then Stanley and I wrestled like crazy.  It is our way of drying off.  While wrestling, I took my revenge and peed on the carpet.  I had to be real sneaky since mom knew I had a full bladder and was watching me closely.   After she saw what happened, I felt really bad.  Mom didn't deserve that.

  I gave my feet a sniff and I would never admit it but they did smell pretty sweet.

 In the meantime, Stanley dried out and was just relaxing.  Mom and dad said he no longer looked like Don King.

I told mom I was sorry for peeing on the carpet and she hugged me and said she still loved me.

I'm glad I have parents who are understanding.  



GOOSE said...

Forgiveness is the best thing. You have real good parents Murphy. I had know idea you had such long legs! WOW! No wonder you have mad zoomies skills. You sure you are not part Greyhound? I'll be thinking of you as you have your little "procedure".

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Well sometimes... Pee Happens. So sorry you both got baffs and now smell like ... well, not like we LIKE to smell.

So do your feets still smell like FRITOS? My mom is ALWAYS sniffin OUR feets and sayin... YUMMMMMMMMY.

Ummmmm about TUESDAY... OH just don't even THINK about Tuesday.

Kobe and the City said...

Aww! I love Murphy and Stanley! They are just the cutest. My pup despises taking a bath and does everything he can to crawl his way out of the tub. Then he runs around like a crazy dog and wants to play!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Eva & Kobe

Oreo said...

That was nice of you to make up with your mom. Sorry about that bath business, I hate it too. I have been hearing talk about one also. YIKES!!


E. Jane said...

Murphy and Stanley, you are both adorable, and of course you will make some mistakes once in a while. It's good that you have such nice parents who teach you and love you!

Bassetmomma said...

Awwwe! You two shine up like new pennies! :) I'm glad your Momma gave you a forgiving hug for peeing on the carpet!

Scooter said...

Hey Murphy & Stanley!
Wow, baths are the worst fur sure! I hate them too, but sometimes we have to humor our peeps. Gotta say you two are BOL cute when soaked to the skin. BWAR HAR HAR.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

NanaNor's said...

Oh you beautiful boys; you look adorable all wet and sudsy; much bigger than my Hunter. Sorry you go in tomorrow too but that vet visit. I wonder how long your recovery will be; you'll probably be feeling great by Wed. You will have to compare stories with Hunter.
Happy Paws to you.
Noreen & Hunter

Stewey said...

Awww - forgiveness and understanding are great attributes of both people and pups!

KSO said...

You look so glamorous after! I understand though, Betty hates baths too!

Unknown said...

Hi guys!
me hates baths! Yous looks so skinny when yous is wet and so fluffilishious when yous dry!

Oskar said...

Baths are just no fun. You both look all great and floofy afterwards though.

Nubbin wiggles,