Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fun At The Fort

Yesterday evening, me and Stanley had the most fun.  We got to go to the fort and meet all kinds of new friends.  We saw some friends that we already met and a whole bunch that we never met before!  We got to walk through the fort on leash, it was a real doggie parade!  We got to run and play off leash and we got to play in the water.  It was a blast!

Here I am meeting new friends.  I think they liked me!  They were VERY nice!

 When mud is involved you know it means fun!

Here we are with Goose, Belle and Bert.

Everyone was paying attention to Goose's mom.

I was hoping everyone noticed I was wearing my big dog collar and halter.

 Annie is beautiful!!  

 We met Baci and Logan.  They are Doods too!

 Stanley and I couldn't wait to get into the water.

 Later on, we went to the creek so we could take our leashes off.  But I was a bit nervous with all the big dogs splashing.

Me and Stanley had lots of fun running with the big dogs!

This is another new friend but I don't remember his name.  I'll just call him Shep.  Shep was very nice.

 We couldn't stop smiling!

Stanley liked it when people would stop and look at all the dogs walking through the park.

It wasn't time to get in the water yet but we needed to just dip our paws in.

Stanley had so much fun he had to shout!

Mom even loves me when I'm muddy.

I sure look like a big dog now, don't I?

We had our first group photo.  Unfortunately I got impatient and the only thing you see of me is my leash trailing off on the right side.  Stanley was proud to be in the photo with the big dogs.

Too soon it was time to go home.  We had so much fun and mom said it was a wonderful opportunity for us to get socialized, whatever that means.  

Goodbye everyone - hope to see you soon!

Mom says we'll get to play with our new friends again.  We can't wait!



Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

MURRRRRRRRRRRPHY... What a super superb job you did with this post!! I was on the edge of my chair during every exciting moment of your trip to the FORT!!! You and Stanley RAN with the BIG DAWGS fur SURE!!!!

Berts Blog said...

Hey Murphy, good job on the post. You did so good that My Vickie is just going to tell people to come here if they wanna see what I did yesterday.

For a small guy, you and your brother are great walkers and I was so impressed at how you just went right into the creek without even thinking.

dude, you and me are going to be the Kings of the Waters for the whole world.

See ya soon, Say Hi to Stanley for me.


Oreo said...

Wow!! Did you all ever have a great time. Looked like so much FUN!! the smiles on your faces says it all!!


GOOSE said...

It was oh so much fun. Murphy you and Stanley are now BIG dogs officially. And look at you guys just hoping right in the water. I sometimes have to think about it for a moment or two or three. I am so glad you are joining us on our outings.

KSO said...

Wow looks to me like doggy heaven! Have a great weekend!

Milo and Jet said...

Wow Murphy & Stanley it looks like you had a awesome time making lot's of new big friends at that pawesome place. Milo talking oh you got to go swimming I'm so jealous as swimming is my most favourite activity ever. You did a pawesome job getting covered in mud :) If you lived closer I bet we would be fast friends.

From Milo & Jet

Bassetmomma said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun you guys had! Bet you can't wait to go again!