Friday, June 8, 2012

Fort Fun Friday

Today we met our friends at the Fort for a walk.  Since Stanley and me had to keep our incisions dry we couldn't get in the water.  We also had to stay on leash because we aren't allowed to run and romp.  And with these big dogs, there is LOTS and LOTS of running and romping!  [Mom said I shouldn't try to move these photos around because Blogger would fight me on it.  So they might seem out of order.]

Our friend Bert was teaching us to hide.

 We're just wondering, where did Bert go?

Everybody headed to the water.  We were jealous.

We finally got to meet Big Murphy!!  He is big and hairy and awesome!

Sometimes the dogs need to be on leash but other times off leash.

This is Miss Baci and Logan.  They are Goldendoodles too!

Stanley liked resting in the grass.

OK, I liked resting too.  It takes a lot of energy to run with the big dogs!

I was exploring but I could still hear the other dogs splashing in the water.

Goose came running over to me shouting "Hello Murphy, today's my mom's birthday!"

Miss Baci came over to us and said she was sad that we had to stay on leash until our incisions healed.

But the best part was meeting Big Murphy for the first time!  We heard about each other but hadn't had the chance to meet until today.

I think I look just like Big Murphy.  Well, he is bigger than me but besides that we are the same color!

Baci was amazed how alike we looked too.

This was our other new friend but we can't remember his name.  He's real nice. We think he is Bert's grandma's boy.

Big Murphy is a therapy dog and trained in search and rescue too.  He has many talents.

Can you tell which one of us is which?

Big Murphy was giving Stanley some advice about being a Dood.

Baci and Logan are really good swimmers.  They make me proud to be a Doodle!

Murphy said it was time to go home now.

It is always sad to see our friends leave.  See you next time!

Me and Stanley are hoping our incisions heal really fast.  We have places to go, things to do and dogs to see!



Berts Blog said...

Hi you two. I am so glad you got to come and go for a walk with us today. I was worried that because of the surgery you wouldn't be able to come.
Can't wait until next friday so you can get wet and romp and play.

Miss Sophie said...

I have heard about you and Stanley forever! Naturally, with you being a Goldendoodle with the same name as me, EVERYONE told me about you. You and your brother are a lot of fun and I'm glad we finally met -- even if you are a mini me. I would have really liked to do a little bouncing with you, but understand you have owies that must heal first. Next time!!
BIG Murphy

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD... Stanley and Murphy.... If I didn't KNOW that you are good pups and ALWAYS TELL the TRUTH... I would not have Believed that BERT was IN that furst picture. I had to look at it 87 times to be SURE. I should have just trusted your words fur it. HE REALLY WAS !!

YEP... the cisions gotta heal FAST so you can start trainin fur all the Blogville Olympic EVENTS...

NanaNor's said...

What a great time you had with your friends; I can tell you are well socialized. I wonder if your stitches are dissoluble or if you had glue? Hunter's stitches will dissolve in another week or so and he is finally feeling back to normal. Have a great weekend.
Noreen & Hunter

Oreo said...

What a great time you had even if you couldnt go in the water. You are so lucky to have so many friends. Hey! are you still doing your club stuff??


Unknown said...

Hi Murphy and Stanley what a good time you must have had with all your doglet friends. Have a great weekend.
Best wishes Molly

KSO said...

What a blast Friday must have been! You two need to teach Betty how to swim, she could use some lessons :)

Oskar said...

Man, for little doods, you sure have lots of friends!

Nubbin wiggles,

Sankissjuice said...

Great photos, little ones. Yes, please get well soon. I am looking forward to reading and looking at more amazing photos from your blog.

Your new follower.

PS I got to know you through Bert's blog. Please, keep blogging. The cuteness must flow...

Unknown said...

Oh Boy! It is so cool to sees yous romping with the big boys!

Murphy said...

Can't get wet until a week from next Tuesday . . . rats!

Murphy said...

We even heard about you from people in the hospital!!

Murphy said...

Glue worked out well for us. No tugging or pulling and so far has held up to some serious violations of the "no romping or running" rule!

Murphy said...

Posted on your blog. The long answer is yes, the short answer is a serious lack of imagination.

Murphy said...

Welcome!! Yes, we will be blogging for quite some time we suspect.