Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Training Day

Dad decided that today would be good day to begin my leash training.  We've already been working on sit.  Dad said I do a beautiful sit.  I think Dad is right.

Learning to follow on a leash was a little harder.  I prefer to to carry the leash in my mouth.

When we finished Dad said I did a good job and I could go play.

I was so excited that I felt like running and playing with Murphy and the purple toy .

Sometimes Murphy can be a pain in my butt.

I kept my eyes on the purple dog while Murphy attacked head on.

It was another good day.



GOOSE said...

You just want to walk yourself with the least. I think that is upper level training. "Pain in your butt" hahhhahha that is funny.

Berts Blog said...

Boy, you are really tiny or your humans are Very Very tall. I am so proud tha tyou are doing so good on your on leash walk. Doin good Stanly. REal good

Bassetmomma said...

Sounds like you did pretty good for your first training session Stanley! You and Murphy will be walking around the neighborhood in no time!