Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Puppies In Charge!

 OK, here's the deal.  Stanley and I decided that it is in our best interest if we just take total control.  I mean we know we're cute, so we'll just use that cuteness to get our way.  We'll pee and poop in the mudroom where it's handy.  And we'll have all the doggie treats available to us all the time and stop this nonsense of having to sit or do some other silly thing to earn them.  We both think this is a wonderful plan.  Now we just have to let our humans know of our decision . . . 

Ug oh . . . it turned out that Mom and Dad heard about our plans and decided to put a stop to them.  Apparently they have a plan too and it does not involve letting me and Stan run the house.  Their plan is to tire us out so we can no longer plan to take over.  It might be working . . . 




  1. It's a good thing that you guys have smart parents who won't let you run the show. You're so cute that it would be easy to spoil you terribly! You'll thank them for all of their structure later!

  2. Oh, I all about running the show. Your mistake was letting them hear you BOL You gotta plan, then exercise the plan. Believe me, the cuteness cards works sometimes, other times not so well!!


  3. You still have time for another plan. Just let them think they are winning and they won't see it coming.

  4. Just wait until you and Stanley are a little bigger and don't tire so easily. then you can run the show!! Have a Happy Easter!


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