Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting Big at 12 Weeks!

Today Stanley and me are 12 weeks old!  My mom says I am getting big.  We already knew Stanley was big.  She weighed me this morning and I am 7 pounds 2 ounces!  Stanley is 12 pounds 4 ounces.  When I took my nap this morning she saw me in my bed and said, "You sure are getting big my boy!"  As you can see, I  barely fit in my bed (and it is a big bed).

We are learning commands.  We practice sit, down, and stand.  We are also learning to go potty outside and to not jump on people.  We're not too good at that one (not jumping) though.  Mom says we are getting much better at remembering to go potty outside and we started sleeping through the night.   We are also trying to learn leave it and off but it's more fun to ignore those commands.

I can run up and down the stairs inside (12 of them) and also the (17) stairs to the upper deck.  When I walk on my leash I am doing much better although Stanley is a rock star at it.  I'm not sure what that is but it seems to be a good thing.

We are learning so many things and having so much fun.  When we go to the vet next week (Yikes!) mom is going to see when we'll be able to go to the parks.  We see the pictures of parks on the other posts in Blogville and can't wait!



  1. Murphy, you are adorable. And it sounds like you're learning a lot. Stanley is very cute too, and together you are just a great pair! It's so nice that you two brothers can be together forever!

  2. Hope you can come on Saturday walks with Bert and Goose soon. It's lots of fun!

    1. You have no idea how badly we want to do that!!!

  3. Oh yes you will have fun at the park. And you'll get to mjeet Bert, Murphy, Logan and Baci. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

  4. Yes, you two are getting so big. yah some of those commands, it is fun just to ignore!! bol


  5. You guys sure are getting big! Learning is so much ignore! Ha!Ha!

  6. What big boys! Have fun learning new things and playing lots of fun puppy games.

    Your pal, Pip


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