Monday, April 23, 2012

Are Our People Crazy?

Sometimes me and Stanley see what our mom and dad are doing and we have to wonder if they are crazy?  Some things make no sense to us at all.  When we started climbing up and down the upper deck stairs, all 17 of them, (just because they are there), mom had dad put chicken wire around the bottom.  We don't have any chickens!

I think about these things all the time, especially during my "stick time".  Chewing my stick helps me when I am in deep thought.
 But sometimes when I think too hard it gets the best of me and I fall asleep. 
Lately mom and dad have been putting little blue vests on us and making us walk.  Stanley likes it but I've  decided that it's just too much effort.  It was OK when we just did it in the back yard but along the street isn't my thing.  But Stanley thinks he's a hot shot.

I have to admit, he does look handsome in it doesn't he?
Dad says, "Look how good my boy walks!"
Just the thought of it tires me out. 

 But the weirdest thing they did was last night.  Instead of going for their long run (13+ miles) this morning like they usually do, they went last evening when it was still 83 degrees out!  I told Stanley, "This is crazy!  They are old, they might have a heart attack!"  But Stanley said he heard that the reason they went last evening was because if they went this morning (earlier than normal in order to beat the heat), it would conflict with our play time.  They try to go running when it is our nap time because Mom doesn't want us to have to be in our kennels too long, especially during our regularly scheduled play time.  So while it was still hot out, we went to our kennels and napped while they went running. Yes, they are crazy.

Crazy about me and Stanley!



Bassetmomma said...

Yes, they definitely are crazy! Crazy about you and Stanley! That's just the way loving parents are! :)

GOOSE said...

Oh Basset Momma stole my line. They are crazy about both of you. You are very blessed pups.

Mr. Pip said...

All peeps are a little crazy! But your parents sound pretty great!

Your pal, Pip

Anonymous said...

Oh my y'all are definitely very much loved! :D I think crazy peeps are the bestest ;D

Waggin at ya,

Flynnah said...

Your pups are very cute!
I would love it if you could visit my blog and maybe follow it

Jazzi said...

well,, if thats what they gotta do not to mess up your playtime, then thats what they gotta do.


Berts Blog said...

13 + miles. Seriously. I mean SERIOUSLY.

My Vickie is in pain just thinking about it.

You have way cool parents.