Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mowing the lawn

 On Easter, dad decided to mow the lawn. Because me and Murphy had never mowed lawn before, we decided to supervise.

I have to make sure he gets under the stairs.  That is one of me and Murphy's favorite spots to play.

Giving the job one last inspection.  



Jazzi said...

Hey! Looks like you did a great job Snoopervising!!!

Ps. did you know that you have a word verifyer on? It is so much nicer not to have to use it.

Murphy said...

No, didn't realize it so thanks for mentioning it. Yes, it is MUCH easier to comment without trying to figure out those weird words. Thanks!

GOOSE said...

Way to go guys. You are not afraid of the mower. I walk along beside MOM when she mows the yard. You two are great helpers.

Kristina Zambrano said...

hello cuties i am new reader what a cutie pies you two are :0] glad to see you guys aren't scare of the mower have a happy easter and passover