Sunday, April 8, 2012

Laying Low

Since Mom and Dad are trying to socialize me and Stanley, they look for opportunities to expose us to new people.  So Mom thought it would be a good idea for us to go to an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.  There were lots of kids!  We waited in our kennels until after all the eggs were found.  Then we made our grand entrance.  We met lots of kids!  Everywhere we went we heard the exclamation of "Puppies!"  It's a good thing we were there because we had to cheer up one of our own grandkids - Carly!
Carly (in tears) with parents Shane & Rachel.  My mom to far right, Jackson to left with green bucket.

Mom made some appointments with her friends for next week so we can go meet more dogs and some of their humans.  It sounds like fun.  But then she said that it's time we had a bath because we've been playing in the dirt a lot.  I'm not sure what that is about but I'm going to lay low until that idea blows over.  Wish us luck!


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