Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Run From The Red Snake!

I've really been busy lately. There are just so many things that are new to me!  For instance, I saw this thing that looked like a red snake. It really isn't a red snake, it just looks like one. I thought it might be OK but I soon learned that I don't like it. My mom said that one day in the near future I would jump for joy at the sight of the red snake but I honestly doubt it. I just can't see it happening.  

So when she brought out the red snake I took off running.

Stanley saw it too so we both hid under the stairs. 

But Mom saw us and clipped the red snake to my collar.  Then she said "Let's walk".

Most of the time I was beside her but then I started getting tired and began lagging behind.  Besides, Stanley was looking at me and laughing.  He didn't know his turn was next.  Mom said once we have completed our vaccinations she wants me to be ready to go walking to fun places.

After I walked with the snake, I did a "sit" for my dad so he gave me a treat.

When me and Stanley both finished walking with the snake we went back to playing.  Playing is what we like best.  Maybe the red snake isn't so bad after all.



Bassetmomma said...

You'll learn to jump for joy when you see that red snake 'cause it will mean walk time!

Macintosh Mitch said...

The red snake will take you on all kinds of fun adventures! You're going to love it, Murphy!

Love ya lots,