Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Few Pics

As most of you know, Fridays are our days to run 6 miles with our pawrents.  Now that the weather is cooler we have even more fun running with them!  Mom says that with the last 2 runs I have learned to run along side her better (instead of running in front of her).  She snapped these photos yesterday.

Stanley has always been better about running alongside dad.  I just say he's too lazy to chase birds like I do - BOL!

When mom took these pictures the sun was on her phone and she couldn't see if she was getting anything decent or not.  It just shows you how well I model.

Mom saw this picture and thought I looked really different in it.  I am mad cuz I told her not to blab to everybody what she always calls me.

Sheesh . . . that's not a macho nickname . . .



  1. You two are the best models in Blogville. have a super weekend Dood's xxoxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Handsome doods have a super Saturday. We feel your pain re nicknames. None of mine are fit for a serious serial squirrel killer.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We could shorten it to D.B. ... that's pretty macho...that 3rd photo down is my look so distinguished there

  4. What name would you like? I agree with Giz…. 3rd down is a pawsome photo of you.

  5. Doodle BUG?????? Well we think that is a really MACHO nickname.. have you ever really LOOKED at all the Bugs??? SOME are SOOOOOOOOO Scary and HUGE.

  6. Nice pics Doods! Even if your mom did give away your cutsie nickname.


  7. 'Doodle Bug' BOL!!!! Oh, that's a good one! I thinks it'll be a big hit with the ladies Murphy! You know the ladies loves the cute nicknames!! BOL
    You are just a FABulous Male Supermodel. Live with it.
    Ruby ♥

  8. Doodle Bug is better than Doodle flower or Doodle Cream Puff. At least a bug can be tough.

  9. Yea, we no, sometimes it's just a pain to be so AWESOME and look so good doing it!
    Yo Doodle Bug, nothing wrong with that, it could be some stupid, like we get called on them special occasions!

    The Mad Scots

  10. Hey Doodle Bug! I love your nickname. It looks like you had a fabulous time running with pawrents. Isn't it amazing how nice it is when it's cool?

    It must be quite a burden... :)

  11. I love your nickname! My dad used to call his beagle either Scamperdoodle or Doodle Dog. (His name is Scamp.)


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