Thursday, March 7, 2013

Changes Are In The Air!

We are noticing changes   Mom says that we are "pulling away" from winter.  I thought "pulling" was a bad thing but now she says it is a good thing.  English is very confusing.  Luckily, since me and Stanley got our own computers, we can "Google" stuff we don't understand.  Sometimes we even translate it into French.  Sometimes that is just easier.
The snow is almost all gone in the back yard.  The front yard still has about 6" in it.
Do you see what I have in my paws?
I found a stick that I left on the lawn last fall.  It is seasoned just right . . . 

Dad went out to the little wheelie house today and installed batteries.  Mom said in a few days, after a few bad weather days pass, she is going to clean up the little wheelie house for our trip.  Me and Stanley are very excited!  We are making a list of all our stuff we need to take with us.
"Mom should I tell our friends about our hands-free leash practice?"

We went for a walk with our hands-free leashes again today.  I am happy to report mom is doing much better!  I stayed on her left side and she stayed upright.  I am not sure what that means but she said to write it.  I'll Google it later. Last time I think mom did not take our hands-free leash practice very seriously because we were just walking along the road and she decided to lay down right in the street!  When she does that at home it means she wants to play so me and Stanley jumped on her.  I hate to say it but then mom said some HBO words!  Humans are so confusing!  So I was glad mom did better today and we even ran 2 times!  Not too long because she wants to make sure she can stay on the right side of me and what she calls "upright".  She said her abrasions are better today.  I'm not sure what "abrasions" are but I think you put them on cereal.  (Stanley is Googling it for me.)  Anyway, Stanley was practicing with dad and he did good too.  Mom says we'll practice lots more.



  1. Murphy and Stanley OMDs you have your own wheels!
    that is going to be so much fun to go exploring.

    Hands free leash...and Mom. I tell'ya if we didn't love the moms so much we might have to replace them. Dang anytime someone hit the floor (my domain) around here they are fair game!!
    Glad she is becoming a better student.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  2. Thank Dawgness you are now ON LINE Doods and can Google stuffs that Peeps SAY and DO... fur in depth UNDERSTANDING... Peeps are such a MYSTERY.

    You found a SEASONED Stick??? OMD that is a Treasure fur Sure.

    We can't wait to see your PACKING LIST... Do you need any help getting it together... Ernie says he will be glad to lend a paw, if you do.

  3. Momz has never tried a hands free leash...She is worried about me causing something called a "face plant" I guess that's a bad thing but I don't know exactly why...maybe you Doods could google it for me...

  4. All I heard was seasoned STICK!

  5. Hi there, I always love coming to visit. Spring is in the air; after the heavy snows coming to us here-so maybe you'll be getting them too. We had a double leash with our last four dogs and it worked wonders-not sure about the hands free with bigger friends but for Hunter it would probably work perfectly. He is beginning to eat again-Yippee!
    Have a wonderful evening.
    Noreen & Hunter

  6. hee hee! Murphy, we're glad your mom is getting the hang of your paws-free leashes ;) We are beginning to see signs of spring here. We can't wait for the summer sun puddles!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  7. Yes we think that spring is on the way. Our snow is about gone but it is soggy now. The weather blabbers said maybe more snow this weekend then 50s next week woohoo
    Bailey, Hazel &Greta

  8. Woof! Woof! We are watching the news and the weatherman says another SNOW is coming your way. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Great work. By the time you're ready to take off on those wheels, your parents will be able to walk and RUN on their leads.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. Hopefully spring is in the air! Glad mom is feeling better
    Benny & Lily

  11. Glad to hear you and your mom are doing better with the hands free walking. I don't understand why she didn't want you two jumping all over her when she was laying in the road though. I wish I could go on your wheely house trip. That sounds like fun.


  12. Oh we hope mums' cuts are better. Hands free is not for our peeps as I can't be trusted. LOL! Peeps would be on the ground more often than not. Not long till you are off on your big adventure in the wheely house. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. You're doing a great job training those peeps, keep it up!

  14. Ah man, ya'll does hands free leash? I is much impressed. Mum would likes 4 hands on a leash...and 4 leashes on me. What can I say, we has lots of squirrels and feral kittehs.
    I thinks your mom should just practice more and then hers will get it down real quick. Has ya'll tried givin' her a treat while her trains?


  15. Mom doesn't trust me to go Hands Free..BOL OK she knows I would be off like a shot if I saw a squirrel, or worse, a CAT. BOL.. Bet ya can't wait for your trip, so exciting.. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  16. Wow, pretty impressive hands free! We hope the warm weather is on its way!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  17. .,woof woof Hi Murphy, great to hear that your mom is getting better., I believe will have lot of things to more like stanley.... well, keep up the good job guys.,

    Comfort your Dogs with Cooling Dog Beds

  18. did your momma trip over her own feet cos that is what my mom often does, course we help her out a little bit cos pugs often are always under their parents feet, we hope she is okay, although we did chuckle a little when you started to play with her while she was down..hehehehhe
    we don't do hands off leashes here cos mom said she would find me and mags in the next county....that is why mom is excited for puppy classes to start soon for mags.
    stella rose and mags

  19. Good luck with your training and I hope there are treats involved. I bet that stick is just right.

    Loveys Sasha

  20. Hey! Wonder if you guys will be on the road the same time as us?? We cannot WAIT!! We are getting the RV all ready now! Maybe we will like run into each other at a dog park somewhere!


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