Sunday, December 28, 2014


Reminders!  We just wanted to remind everyone of a few upcoming events!

January 9th - Inauguration of new Mayorz (hosted by Madi)

January 9th (evening) - Dory is hosting a PJ pawty

January 10th - Sarge hosts a Farewell & Box Bash for Mayoress Diva Madi

January 12th - Everyone holding a pawsition in the new administration is asked to put up a post explaining how their pawsition works.  It will be a blog hop.

and finally . . .

January 24th - Time to write that "Letter to my Pet Pal"! It will be a blog hop too.

Oops, almost forgot . . .

January 30th - FFHT

You might want to check out a tip that Frankie and Ernie offered us that our mom found to be VERY helpful:  Go to the Dollar Store and buy a planner for $1.00 to keep track of everything happening in Blogville.  That way you will be prepared for the events and not trying to do last minute stuff.  Our mom said she would not be sane if she did not use that valuable tip!

Murphy & Stanley


  1. I've got my reminder covered guys, tied a couple of knots in Frankie de tabbys tail.
    luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  2. WE have all FOUR big FUN events covered in our NEW 2015 Planner... It is a BUCK Well Spent... THANKS fur the Reminders
    Jan. 9th
    Jan 10th
    Jan. 12th
    and Jan. 24th... Are we doing FFHT day on the 30th????????

    1. BOL! We FORGOT to list it. Thanks for the reminder. We just updated.

  3. Oh my! Hope mom remembers everything.
    Lily & Edward

  4. Mom is going to buy herself one you put on the refrigerator, that way she has to look at it every day!

  5. Hari Om
    Oh yes, I must have my TO DO list, or it all gets not done.... The year is starting to look busy already!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Mom has a little book she keeps our list in! January will be a busy month!
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  7. Hear ye hear ye!! Thanks Murphy and Stanley
    Mom keeps a calender handy too 'cause her memory card is full
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. Sounds like a good tip.....but we think it might be too late in HER case, SHE's already insane.

  9. We need to get our lady organized as there is so much going on.

  10. It are gonna be a busy couple of weeks!

  11. We made Mama buy a planner for herself for Christmas..between her pictures and our bloggy....and that meno thing Aunty YAM always talks about, her brain is pretty mushy!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  12. a lot of stuff coming up fur sure! that is a good idea to have a Blogville planner :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  13. I jot everything down for Mom on a small $1.00 wall calendar, because she is old and blindish. ☺ You can count on the Bayou Boys to cover this on tomorrow's BFTB News.

  14. Wow! Busy, busy, busy! Thanks for the reminders!

  15. Thanks for the heads up. January is a busy one.


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