Saturday, December 27, 2014

Post Christmas

Whew!  These past few days have gone by in a whirlwind!  We sure hope everyone had a nice Christmas Day and that our furends who have Boxing Day enjoyed that too!  We're not really sure what Boxing Day is but we assume that Boxers must really like it.

Just to let you all know, our final card count was . . .  

 Doods 51 + 16 = 67 and Pawrents:  12

BOL! We creamed the competition!  And we were even shocked when 1 card arrived the day after Christmas and it was delivered POSTAGE DUE!  The mailman didn't even ask us to pay postage, he just delivered it.  But we thought that was so funny.  It's like the mail carrier admitted defeat too! Here's a picture you can look at.  It isn't a good one but we got nothing but trouble at our house so it's as good as it gets.

We hope everyone had a great time at Dory's pawty.  We sure did!  And we understand a new love may be in bloom, right Bilsha??  Me and Stanley tried doing that with our girlfurend's names but the result was NOT good.

Stanley + Taffy = Staffy (that sounds like a bad infection or temporary labor pool)

Ruby + Murphy  = Ruphy (isn't that a date-rape drug?)

Anyway, we are glad Bilsha hit it off so well.  And didn't  Oreo and Hazel make a darling couple?  Too bad Bailey kept spying on them!  Here's another picture for you to look at.  It isn't very good either.

Me and Stanley have just been playing in our snow and then coming inside to play with our toys and then repeat (mom says 100 times a day but she is known to exaggerate).  Here's another bad picture you can look at.  Like I said, there's bad stuffs going down at our house.

OK, here's the scoop on the chaos at our house.  Our pawrents are STILL working on those new computers!  (The HBO words were flying the other day when they each had to download a giant virus protection program 4 different times!)  These matters are made worse by the fact the computers are fighting each other for the Internet and it is slowing stuff down.  Oh, and mom says neither of them know Windows 8.1.  I'm not sure why a window makes them yell HBO words but apparently it does.  Here's another bad picture.

See I told you it was a bad picture. Seriously mom, me peeing again?  The reason for that is mom said she HAD to get away from the Window 8.1 so we went outside to play with the rope and she was going to take pictures with her Nikon.  She was wanting to use that special setting for snow.  Anyway, she only got to fire off a few test pictures and then the battery died.  So then me and Stanley kinda got into a fight-to-the-death argument over the rope so mom said she had it and was going back to the Window.  See, things are just crazy!  Anyway, she did NOT go to the window, she went to the computer where she said it takes a million years to accomplish the simplest task.  Here's another picture for you.

Yeah, it really is yellow snow.  Anyway, mom and dad are still fighting with Windows 8.1 BUTT the most impawtent thing is that they have touch-paw screens and cameras so we can SKYPE with our girls . . . eventually.

Murphy & Stanley


  1. Hari Om
    Brwwahahahah - you can't share the snow in peace it seems! (Tell mum and dad that if aunty can wrangle the 8.1, anyone can!!!) The pawty sure was fabby and as for the names... you could go the Indian way of female first; then you have the Taffley and the Murru.... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. BOL - okay, I understand now.

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Oh you can do outdoor comments today? Pawsome! And no photo of you is bad, they are a little like white after-chcistmas :o) I send a big hug and some Weim-power to your pawrents, maybe it helps to fix that trick #8.1 of Billy Gates :o)
    Easy Rider

  4. looks like you have had fun playing in the snow

  5. Our mom always reminds us to NEVER eat the Yellow Snow... AS IF we would... THAT is a PeeMail FROZEN in Time...
    OMD Dory's Birfday Pawty was OUTSTANDING FABULOUS and BEYOND Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat... We give it an 87.
    You four looked AMAZING and you certainly did have a grand time... as we ALL did.
    Dory knows how to throw a PAWty fur SURE...
    OMD the New Computer and New Windows... HORROR... it is like Squirrels fur US.. it Always Drives the Peeps CRAZY... TOUCH PAW SCREENS... OMD you will LOVE those.. ONCE the Peeps get stuffs set up fur use... baaaaWaaaah.

  6. Oh boy.....we feel ya doodz. Our Daddy works with computers effury day and you should be glad ou live on the other side of the mountains when he starts using the HBO/8.1 words....

    We wish your pawrents luck!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty and ummmm...1/2 of Bilsha!

  7. molol! that last picture made us laff and laff :D we hope things will settle down at your house and your folks will be finished with all that Windows business.... and the HBO words :) the snow pictures are really pretty. have fun playin!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  8. Our Mom says there is a setting where you can turn the Windows 8 view to look more like the 'normal' windows (we have no idea what Mom is talking about, but she says it has to do with booting to desktop - whatever that means...). Luckily, our Mom hasn't been messing with her computer (much), so we've had plenty of snow photos. You could just photoshop yourselves into some of ours, if you want! ;-)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  9. We know nuffin' about computers or touch paw screens....shoot, SHE only takes a mobile phone when travelling out of town.. Love your snowy pictures and mountains. We hardly have any hills around here.

    Love your yellow snow!

  10. OMD!!! Murphy, you look SO HANDSOME in the snow!!!! And, why do the peeps insist on takin' pics of us peein'??! Geesh!
    Ma has the Windows 8.1...butts she uses the Desktop part, cause she doesn't have a touchscreen. It's just like Windows 7 that way. Butts, if you don't have a keyboard or mouse, then it probably would be useless! Ma had troubles with the wifi for a long time, butts it's all fixed now. Anyhu, I hopes your peeps figures it out and the HBO words stop...or your peeps get so frustrated they take you out for some IScream!
    Your pics are just FABulous BTW!!
    Ruby ♥

  11. Them dang computers! When Mom got her new one last year, she kept Windows 7, but don't know if that is even an option now.
    Mr Bailey & Hazel



  13. We had such a good time at the party. We have some yellow snow too!

  14. Holy Dogs, you have lots of snow. We don't have any yet, but Mommy says that is ok for now. When we get some, I will make some yellow snow to show you. Dory's pawty was sooooooo much fun and Bilbo was such a gentleman. I slept all day today from all the dancing.

    Loveys Sasha

  15. Those pictures of you and the mountains are fantastic
    Lily & Edward

  16. Wow, what a view! Just lovely. Except for the pee snow. :)

  17. Wow you live in such a beautiful area. We may have to come visit some time. Just try to get the yellow snow cleaned up first thank you

  18. gosh.. looky all that snow
    white snow and yellow snow,, and cranky computers!

  19. Haha, don't eat the yellow snow!
    Hope the 'puter thingy straightens out beclaws I've heard the HBO words when our puter is on the fritz!

  20. Mom says she has heard that Windows 8.1 causes lots of Peeps to use HBO words....LOTS of them! In fact some of the Peeps at her work use their tablets mostly because of it so tell them to not feel bad.

  21. Crikey ...... you call those pictures BAD?????? Now you've got Mum real worried. Our computers on its last legs and we have to get a new one and it will have that windows 8 thing on it. Looks like you'll NEVER hear from me again when this computer does pack it in, aye??
    I'm BOLing with Whitley!!

  22. Oh, look at all the snow you had for Christmas! I bet you boys had fun running around in the snow. We refused to switch to Windows 8...we saw it on someone's computer and ran away from it quick! BOL I am so glad you enjoyed your holiday, pals.

  23. Computers make my parents use HBO words too. By the way...HOLY MOLEY!!! Y'all live next door to a mountain!! Mama swooned over the unimaginable beauty that you get to see in your own back yard! That view would make any HBO words melt away.

  24. New computers are no fun for the peeps but those "bad" pictures sure look good to us. We would be happy to have snow on the ground and beautiful blue skies.

  25. You're absolutely right -- we boxers LOVE Boxing Day! A whole day dedicated to just us, what could be better?!


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