Friday, August 2, 2013

Fitness Friday

Many of you know that on Fridays we get to run 6 miles with our mom and dad.  They run on Mondays and Wednesdays too but Fridays are our special day to run together.  So me and Stanley always look forward to Thursday nights when we see our food dishes get picked up when we go to bed.  (Dr. Eddy said NOT to eat anything 90 minutes before AND after exercise to help prevent bloat.)  As soon as we see that happen we know we are going running in the morning!  

We love running and staying fit.  It is impawtent for peeps and pups to stay fit and healthy. And it sure poops us out!

*Note the Dodo Bird.  Mom said I should tell you that they bought a 3-pack of them at Costco (they are on sale right now) and Stanley has NOT damaged one of them!  We play with them a lot too. We've had them about 6 weeks now.  The squeaker is actually inside a ball and so far Dr. Destruction Stanley hasn't decided he needed to remove it!

Murphy & Stanley
Running Doods

Mom's Note:  In case anyone is wondering . . . the reason the boys don't run with us the other days is because it is too far for them.  Also, when we run with the Doods we have to take special precautions to make sure they don't get too hot and we can't do that on some of our routes.


  1. I like the dodo bird placement. Close enough to keep on eye on him! We love that you get to go for a run with your peeps on Fridays. I bet there is a nice long nap afterwards!

  2. Oh that dodo bird is really cute! Thank you for such a nice answer to my mom's post this morning ...she liked what you said about someone is always training someone. I cannot believe you guys run that far...wowzer...we are gonna have to plan another adventure with the amish crusiin wagon, mag's wants to go on our next adventure, and i told her she could.
    have a great weekend
    stella rose
    p.s. mom's daughter kylei is having problems with bear trying to bite the kids for no reason at all,, mom told her to get his butt off the couch and outside for some exercise...we are sure hoping this helps.

  3. We are tired just looking at you Doods! Hey Mom has been looking at those Dodo birds at Costco, she thinks they are cute and colorful. This may just convince her to get us some! Ya just can't have too many toys you know
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  4. We know you doods are well fit. Nice keep fit regime you have guys. Power to the paw. Have a fabulous fit Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. A toy with a squeaker that has lasted 6 weeks? a miracle! Your dedication to exercise is inspiring!

  6. Wait a minute, mom just went to Costo and said she did see those Dodo Bird??? That is right about preventing bloat. Have a good rest. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Play Hard and go relax. You've got it right.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. You guys have some great snoozing positions!

  9. Wowee, I'm totally impressed with you Doods!! 6 miles? In one go? Wow! :-D I just did 6 miles in two days, but...that's a long distance for me! ;-) I can't believe that Mr. Dodo hasn't been killed yet!!

  10. You run 6 WHOLE MILES!!! You guys are my heros! I can't even run six blocks or even walk six blocks! Good for you!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. You are two pooped doods! It's great when you can find a toy we won't destroy. That way we get to play with them longer.

    Have fun,

    Millie & Walter

  12. Holy Cows!!! Six miles!!! I wanna come with you guys!! Ma always gets pooped out half way through our 3 mile walkie. Then she starts b*tchin' abouts shin splints, and we have to head back...pffffft! Can I come and live with you guys??? BOL
    Okays, I loves that DoDo burdie!! Sometimes you just don't know what toys are goin' to last!
    Ruby ♥

  13. Wow, six miles is a lot of running! I ran 10km once and that was killer. Kudos to you guys for doing it once a week (and your pawrents for doing it three times a week).

    Those dodo birds look and sound great. I don't think I've ever seen them at a Canadian Costco, though.

  14. I had not heard that 90 minute rule before, interesting!

    That's really cool you get to go jogging with your pawrents once a week.

  15. Do puppers have endorphins? Do you doods get a runner's high or whatever it is they call that? I would probably get a runner's low I'd be so exhausted!!!!

  16. HEY MURPHY AND STANLEY...OMDs you two must be happy and tired after that fun day is surely enough...
    hugs madi your bfff

  17. It's so hot here I can't do any running.. I'z been to the sea :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  18. I don't think our Mom could run 6 miles! Of course, she and Dad are off on their bye-sickles a lot, and apparently they go lots and lots of miles on those. Mom used to jog with me when I was a pup, but Abby is a slow-poke, especially when it is warm, so we hike, instead! BTW, Mom is saying something about "Tired 'doodles are good 'doodles" - I have No Idea what she's talking about!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


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