Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dog Days of Summer

We haven't been saying too much lately cuz mom's kind of weary.  She says the endless hot days of summer are just dragging on and on.  Me and Stanley kinda agree.  It's so hot that we even sweat under our armpits!  So we sleep a lot and play in our pool.

So sometimes when I'm a bit bored and it's too hot to play outside, I like to mess with Stanley's mind.  OK, I like to do that all the time, especially when we get a treat.  Stanley gobbles his down in 2 seconds.  I like to wait for the proper time.  Here I am waiting . . .

I see Stanley munching down his carrot.  I just sit here, watching mine, and waiting until Stanley is finished with his.  Cuz when he is done, he sees mine . . . just laying there . . . looking tasty . . .

And when he really wants it and thinks he has a chance, then I eat it, very slowly . . .

It is just one of the ways I like to mess with Stanley.  Other than that, we've been going on extra walks lately (cuz mom is on a diet so she runs and walks).  Last night we went on a walk and I will bet a biscuit that Goose will know the EXACT spot I stopped and took this picture.

It is a place we all know very well.  Last fall I took another picture there.

Me and Stanley are trying to talk our pawrents into going on another little vacation.  Mom says we might go next month after a few obligations.  I asked her what an obligation was and she laughed and said dad was going to have a "procedure".  Don't worry though, it isn't a big deal (for anyone but dad). 

For anyone who wonders about the Mayas, we have only seen one Maya ever since we came back from our vacation to Oregon.  We think the other Maya went to another family member though we don't really know for sure.  Blackie seems to still be there.  They stay in the house now ALL THE TIME so we only see them a few times a week (maybe 2 times for half a minute).

Another neighbor (next door to the Mayas) has had a terrible thing happen but mom says it is so terrible that I can't even say it on our bloggy. (She says it is much too dark and sad.)  

Our grand monsters are coming over to spend the night in a few days.  This is the first time me and Stanley are having them overnight.  They stayed overnight before me and Stanley were born but not since.  I have trained them to throw my ball for me so I am looking forward to it.  I think the girl is also especially good at belly rubs too.  Mom says she thinks it will give me something to post about.  I wonder what she means by that?

Murphy & Stanley 


  1. I have a neighbor who had been letting their weiner dogs out for hours at a time and it really bothered me, especially with the heat and the fact that their yard is nothing but rocks - literally! Made me think of the Maya's and wondering how they were doing. So thanks for the update. My neighbors have gotten better about letting their dogs in the house, thankfully!

    Have fun with the grand monsters!

  2. Stay cool doods and Murphy you sure do mess with Stanley. Oh we hope the Mayas are OK and so sorry to hear about your neighbour. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Well, hope the heat goes away soon so you guys can be more like doods doing things outside, and hope Dads stuff goes OK.

    The Mad Scots

  4. Being so hot must be horrible, you are such a tease with that carrot BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie


  6. Try and stay cool- stick in the shade and beg for ice cubes in your water, that'll do the trick.

  7. We hope it gets cooler for you guys..this week it is real nice here and we have got to go to the fairgrounds to walk even Me!!! We wished those maya's would lose their puppies for good...dangit!!! For some reason none of us like carrots but I love green beans all fruits of course. Mom is looking for good treats like "roast beef" for mags for her college classes. The teacher said to bring her hungry and have lots of good treats for her. I think mom should let me try them first. We loved these pictures!
    stella rose

  8. You are having KIDS STAY THE NIGHT AT YOUR HOUSE!?! I am so so so so jealous.

    Have a super fun time.


  9. I play games like that wiv the cat. Except when he plays the same game wiv me, I tend to leave him alone, he's too sneaky to ever let me have his treat. Stay cool guys and have a lovely time wiv the bi peds... Bet they sneak you more carrots.. luvs Freya Rose Blossom X

  10. I know just what you mean is hotter than hot here...Momz and I have been doing our 31 Days of August geocaching finds early in the AM and hanging in the AC the rest of the's just too hot for much else...PS Murphy you are a big tease ;)

  11. Hi there, I just all that you share here Murphy! I love your spot overlooking the lake that you took the photos of-it is so beautiful. Grands around-you'll just love them.
    Hope you have a cooler evening. It is raining here now....but hot and muggy.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  12. Synchronized roaching!!!! Fantastic. Hope it cools down a bit for you...though hanging around in the house isn't too bad.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  13. We are sorry you can't travel and hope your dad's procedure goes well. We don't even want to know what happened to your neighbours, but we send thoughts to them . . . it sounds too awful. Enjoy your carrots and send some hot weather our way! Lee and Phod

  14. I (Frankie Furter) like to Mess with Ernie's teeny tiny mind.. just like that. I Love it... he CRIES and WHINES and acts like a Big BABY...

    You could have some of OUR COOL weather... it was 43 this morning and only got to 70 today... and in the morning it is gonna be in the high 30's. MOM has sweats on. WE are just wearing our furs. THIS is at least 15 degrees cooler than it SHOULD be for this time of year.

    You are gonna have little two leggers??? YOU LUCKY GUYZ YOU. It will be a BLAST.
    Will your dad have to wear a Cone of Shame?

  15. I'm sending all our cool weather out your way. Hope you will be back playing outside soon

    Your pal, Pip

    P.s: I hope your neighbor is ok

  16. Oh Murphy you are just like Schatzie---tease!!!
    Hope it cools down soon for you. We've have warm days too, but not as warm as yours.
    Someday we'll post about our new neighbors, mom just shakes her head in disbelief.
    Some pups really have to suffer, we are pretty blessed.

  17. BOL! Murphy, you crack me up!! I wish I had a brudder that I could play mind tricks on!!
    Oh, that pic is just beautifuls!! I was half expectin' to see Goose splashin' in the water savin' a stick!
    Have funs with the shrunken kiddies!! So glads you trained them well...should come in handy for an overnight did show them where your Moms keeps the treaties, right?
    Ruby ♥

  18. Oh Murphy you are just like my Lily. I eat everything, she waits til I am finished then eats very slow!
    Benny & Lily

  19. Now you be nice to your brother, Murphy, don't be a tease. It's hot here too, good for your mom to still do extra walks with you guys.

  20. When it is hots, thats about all you can do. Have fun with the grand peeps they can be cool.

    Jazzi and Addi


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