Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sad Story Day 2

 If you missed the start of this sad story, check yesterday's post.  This morning, Mom looked out the window in time to see that 1 Maya was already in the pen, Josh was just hooking the rope up to her collar.  (They usually sleep in the house over night.)  Maya went into the "doghouse" and Josh went in the house to get the other Maya.  When he brought the other Maya out, he drug it by its collar and then picked it up by the collar to get him/her over the fence.  Mom was shocked that he was such a jack ass   was so mean in handling the second Maya. The second Maya joined the first one in the dog house.  Then Josh started taking down the crumpled chicken wire fence.  He pulled up all the fence posts but one.


 Then he went back in the house and brought out Blackie.  He left Blackie on the landing and Blackie hobbled down to go to the bathroom and eventually went over to talk to the Mayas.  Blackie wasn't outside too long.  Mom didn't see Josh take him in.  Mom's heart was already full of sadness. 

The reason Mom didn't see was because she was calling the Humane Society of Northern Utah.  They are minimally staffed so it went to voicemail and she left a message.  Then mom and dad went for a run.  When they came back mom thought she would have a message from the Humane Society and when she did not, she called again and once again no one answered.  Pretty soon one of the Mayas was tangled up in the fence post that the idiot Josh left up. 

So mom called the Humane Society of Utah this time.  But they did not care (they are centered in the SLC area) and just said to call Animal Control but advised Animal Control would not go onto the property without the owners being home.  Mom was very pissed irritated that they would not take the information at all.  Then the Humane Society of Northern Utah called her back.  They said they had no authority and suggested she call Animal Control.  Then it started raining.  By this time both Mayas were tangled around the fence post and each other.
Mom called Animal Control and they told her to call Dispatch.  She called Dispatch and kept getting a recording.  She never did get through to them.  Then she called the Animal Control officer and left a voicemail since no one answered his phone either.  Mom wants to thank everyone for their support.  But around here, it seems no one cares.



  1. OMD I think I am glad I missed the first part of this post because it makes me very angry too. Please keep trying. Nothing aggravates me more than seeing abuse like this. Yuck. Stupid people.

  2. Hey hey Murphy, my heart is breaking at the treatment of the Maya's. it's probably good we aren't neighbors cause between your mom and me we might do something to remedy the situation-that could land us in jail. I would be tempted to call the police. I'm going to be praying for these dogs, I just hope they have food and water.
    A very sad Noreen & hunter

  3. This is heartbreaking that someone would do this to dogs and even worse that the people who are out there whose job it is to prevent this don,t give a damn. I hope some one finally gains the brains to be worried with the situatoon. Poor Mayaa!

  4. That is so sad. People who are supposed to care, just don't. Next time the Humane Society has a fundraiser. Set a stall up next to them with pictures of your story...and how NO ONE cared.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Wow! I'm stunned that neither Humane society would do anything. With the dogs tangled around the post they can't get to their shelter and presumably their water. Any humane society worth a damn should take care of a situation like that.

    I used to work at our local humane society and I know we are a bit more progressive than some areas, but if you let your HS know the dogs were tangled I can't believe they wouldn't do anything! Keep trying until you get some help for the dogs. Someone somewhere has got to care.


  6. OMD WE want to say somethingy about this... butt think it would be best to send it in EMAIL form beclaws we might slip up and use some Squirrel Words...

  7. OK.... I just sent you an email... Now I am going to admit... RIGHT HERE that I was one of those who suggested (yesterday) that you contact the Humane Society... But I am going to say that I usually find them to be very... UNHELPFUL/USELESS in most situations. So very sorry that this is going on where you have to see it... and HURT for the poor innocent dogs.

  8. Can the police help they would here we r praying that they will get help Stella rose

  9. Keep trying and don't give up. Sometimes you have to keep calling these places. I am hoping and praying for the best.

  10. Oh no no. This is all just WRONG. They are lucky to have angels like you doing your best to look out for them. Keep it up!!

  11. This might sound bad, but maybe your Mommy could offer to buy them fromJosh, et al; and, then try to find a new home some way for them.

  12. I say we get together and bust them out. Have you talked to Robin? She has had experience with this sort of thing with her former neighbors. I do believe she got some results. But you know Robin, she is relentless when it comes to us furry babies.

  13. That is about the saddest story and you have to witness it all and can do nothing. I would be screaming. Thank you for trying to get help and hopefully someone will come and help those more dogs. God bless you for trying.

    Anne and Sasha

  14. This so sad. We can't believe ... that no one can help you. Post it on FB. for sure there are Utah animal group. They need to be reported ASAP. Golden Woofs

  15. Oh,,,,we are fuming right now!!! Did your mom go down and untangle them?
    If you get no response why don't you call the TV stations about the poor dogs and that there is no one to help them out. Sometimes, it takes real pressure!! That may get you some help that way. keep trying!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  16. That is so bad. Mum should call again and this time say she is documenting evidence. Bet you they call back? What is with these charities and controls? We agree with Sugar. Keep us updated we worry for them. Last week a lady complained about some vicious dogs out of control and the dog wardens did nothing and a few hours after an old man was mauled to death by the dogs. Looks like we are no better over here.
    Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  17. Tell the humane society or whoever that you are going to call the television and newspaper stations if someone doesn't get off their fanny's and help these babies!
    stella rose

  18. Mom is saying HBO words. Unbelievable
    Benny & Lily


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