Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Bad Story Without An Ending . . .

This is a story that might be a bit long but we'll try to keep it as short as possible.  And we have no idea how it ends.  Look at the photo below.  There are a few things we will tell you.

The fence is at the bottom of our hill in our back yard.  We specifically want you to notice the little structure with a blue tarp on it.  We have a VERY good view of this house.  These photos were taken from our living room window.
Here is a close up.  We named the man Josh, after Josh Powell who was a weird evil man who killed his wife and 2 boys (and himself).  There are actually 3 dogs in this story.  The dog you see has another sibling and they look very similar.  We call them "The Mayas" because all we ever heard them called was Maya and we don't know which one it was.  The other one we call Blackie for obvious reasons.  We don't see Blackie very often.  Blackie is VERY old and arthritic.
There has been a change at this house.  When our pawrents built our house, this house was occupied by 2 parents and 3 teenagers.  There is a LONG history of them not caring for the house or yard and the city OFTEN has to force them to cut weeds 3 feet high in the yard (oh the stories we could tell!).  But a year ago last November, the father suddenly died of a heart attack.  The mother (who was very strange on her best day) said she wanted to sell the house.  We learned this from the loud voices.  But the kids, who were adults by this time, would not allow her to sell it.  So the mother disappeared and the house was occupied by at least 2 adult kids who continued to not care for it.  Now, it appears only 1 adult child is there (a daughter) and a man is living with her, Josh.

All these years, the family has always done the same thing; one by one they put the dogs out onto the little deck (on a short rope or chain) to go to the bathroom.  But now that the daughter and Josh are there, Josh built this "dog house" and "dog run" about a week ago.  You can see he was clueless, or maybe just cheap (or both).  The fence around it is just chicken wire and the dogs pulled it down the first 10 minutes they were in it.  The Mayas keep getting out so Josh put them on a rope inside the little pen.

You might be wondering about Blackie.  Well, we are too.  You see, it is very difficult for him to move and the other day Josh put him outside on the little deck and Blackie got off the deck to go to the bathroom.  When Josh came out to get Blackie he was handling him a bit rough.  A dog that old and frail needs helped, not tugged and yanked by his collar to move him around.  When mom saw how he handled Blackie, she decided to call him Josh because she said it told a lot about what kind of person he was.
It isn't unusual to not see Blackie for many days.  We assume the dogs are not licensed.  The city only allows 2 dogs per house so we know for sure all three could not be licensed.  We assume that they have not been checked by a dogtur and that Blackie gets no medicine to make his life better.  We just can't see them spending the money for a dogtur.  The family has not handled the dogs roughly (until mom saw Josh the other day).  It wasn't animal abuse but it was wrong.

We aren't sure when it is time to do something or what that something actually would be.  But we are watching very closely . . .


Note:  If you noticed the 2 kennels, just prior to building the pen, they tried putting the Mayas on the deck with kennels.  Mom thinks new work schedules must keep them away and they are trying to figure out what to do since the dogs can't stay indoors all day.


  1. We is sad.
    What can one doe?

  2. You should consult the local humane society. It is difficult to tell from the distance you are taking the pictures, but I doubt that dog house or the enclosure would meet the standards that are required around here. You could just say you are concerned about how they are being kept. Also our local humane society will let you report things anonymously. I hope they will at least come by and check out the situation. Ours are obligated to check every report they get.

    Good luck.


  3. Yep call the Humane Society. I think they can help in some way. Even if it is checking on the dogs or for their own good take them away. MOM is just sick about this.

  4. This breaks my heart. At this point, they should just surrender the dogs to a no kill organization that will find them homes. It's obvious that Josh and the daughter don't care about these dogs. Why make all their lives more difficult?

    By the looks of it though, Josh and the daughter wouldn't do their research before giving their dogs up and they might end up in a high kill shelter :(

  5. I agree. Call the humane society.

  6. That really is a sad story. I'm not sure what I would do in your position either.

  7. That is so sad and yah we say call the Humane Society. Those doggies deserve better than that. We never understand if peeps dont want animals why do they get and keep them. Our heart breaks for Blackie

    jazzi and addi

  8. Oh no, this isn't right. Call your Humane Society and see if they can help. The poor little dogs haven't anyone else to look out for them. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. Sounds like they don't really know what to do with the dogs.... Very sad. You could call the Humane Society. Difficult decision.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  10. We agree with Scotsmad. We are worried for the old one. What awful people to live near. Pity they don't sell up and go. The house next to us has just been sold and they are doing a lot of building work. Despite the noise and dust we could not be happier after 7 years of various tenants none of whom were nice. I can't count the times the police had to go over. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. We agree with everyone, you need to call someone.. We have two dogs who live in the nutters house on the corner, they never go out, unless they escape and they bark all day long. The RSPCA has been round but nothing has happened, they don't deserve to have those dogs either.xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. Oh no, that's terrible. You should call and report this. We did something similar a while back. The poor dog. What a horrible thing to have to see, over and over. The dog is lucky to have you nearby - it can't hurt to make an anonymous call. If anything, it will help you feel as though you are making an effort to stop this!

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  13. OH MY... THIS is a Sad and troubling thingy fur your neighbor dogs. The Humane Society might help... butt do NOT tell them who you are when you call. Just to be sure the peeps don't try to do somethingy to YOU.

  14. Well we thinks there other brother must have lived beside us for awhile cos it was the very same thing, only with two puppies, one day my DAD actually STOLE him off their front porch and brought him to OUR house to feed him and give him a flea bath. Then one night they all went away, and now mom often wishes there would have been someone here she could have called. Since you have someone to call, it would sure make you feel better if you did, OR you could just steal them, (thats baby gussie's opinion)
    stella rose

  15. This has got to be so difficult to watch. Mom has such a hard time when she sees doggies that are not treated right, it is hard to know what to do, but calling the humane society would be a start. Maybe the peeps would actually be relieved to have them taken from them. A few years ago my daughter had a pug mix show up at their home. The owners were found but the dog was soon loose again (on a logging road) and it was obvious the owners did not really care. Daughter arranged through the humane society to have the dog taken to humane society in another town so the original owners would not know where it went.
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  16. This is so sad:( I agree with the comments above- contact the humane society. I take it this is the American version of the RSPCA?

    I hope they'll be OK :( :( :(

  17. Yep, thats why people (Losers) should not have animals. Hope you keep yor eye out and can catch them being mean, and get animal control to come and take them away!

    The Mad Scots

  18. Bad, bad owners Murphy... makes my mum so annoyed...
    Just callin in from the beach... luvs Freya Rose Blossom X
    Good job someone is an angel and keeps watch.... X X X

  19. Ohhh...that makes me really sad and remind me of a story I once read on Dog Forum. :( We sad...

    Dina and Mom

  20. That is so sad and just Wrong! Hope you can contact someone or some agency to get those pups away from those humans!! They deserve a much better life than that. And we agree call anonymously....
    Ernie and the pack

  21. Oh gosh, I hate to think of any dog being mistreated, but especially an older, arthritic dog - because Pip is very frail and arthritic. I hope Blackie is OK and hope these people eventually find some compassion.


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