Saturday, May 18, 2013

Little Walkie

Today it rained like crazy.  It never rains like crazy here!  Finally the rain clouds went away.

Blue sky coming our way!
So we decided to take a little walkie around our neighborhood.  Not too far since we ran 6 miles yesterday.

Our neighborhood (arrow pointing to our house)
"Hey Dad, what is that?"
"I see it too Murphy!"
Do you see it, standing on the rock?

 At first we thought it was a squirrel but then dad said it was a prairie dog. What do you think?


Status of Painting:  There is only 1 more room to go.  It is the office but mom said it might take a week or two before she starts it.  She called it an electronic nightmare.  Then she needs to do some closets but she said that it may be a long time before she starts them.


  1. OMD We had to HUNT like a cupple Coon hounds to see that prairie DAWG... He blended RIGHT in... SUPER CAMO in those Rocks!!

  2. Was that some kind of crazy rain or what?!!! You should see the flood pond at the church, it's a lake! And your dad is right I do believe, it's a ground dog of sorts.

  3. It took a while to see the prairie dog but we found it. Did you boys chase it?

    Millie and Walter

  4. Wow, what sqirily looking thing. Did y'all chase it?

  5. Looks like a prairie dog to us!! yep!!
    Did ya go and meet it to see?

    Jazzi and Addi

  6. Hm...I think, evil squirrel/rat creature!? ;-) Hehehe! 6 miles yesterday? Whoa guys, you'll be running marathons soon! Congrats on only having 1 more room to paint, after painting two rooms last year, Domeek said, "never again!" ;-)

  7. Closets have doors on them for a reason...just sayin'.

    We see that thingy, can't tell what it is, so we'll just have to go with prairie dog.

    Glad you got in a walk....rain can really mess walks up.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. LOL we see it and nevermind we'd be so at it. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Hey Murphy and Stanley, we saw you over on Molly's blog and the goat story got me laughing so we had to drop by to meet you! We sure are glad we did! I got butted by a sheep once! I'll be back for more reading soon!



  10. Never seen one of those, still looks like a tree Rat, SO....... game on!

    You guys be careful, the way Mom is painting everthing, you guys may be next!

    The Mad Scots

  11. Sure glad it cleared up for you. Looks like it wound up being a nice day for your hike
    Benny & Lily

  12. Your mom is really great -- all that painting. Now your house must look lovely inside.

  13. Murphy and Stanley you two truly live in God's country on earth. Such lovely views!!
    Hey mom told me to give your mom our phone number. when she finishes that last room we'll send her a round trip ticket to our house and provide room and board while she paints here!!
    Hugs madi your BFFF

  14. Nipped over from Molly the Wally's... Beautiful guys, Freya will be keeping an eye on you both ... Luvs Freya Rose Blossom, the catflap cavalier. :-) X X X

  15. Hi there, When we first moved to Colorado we loved seeing the Prairie Dogs but as time went on, we realized just what a nuisance they can be and how they can ruin hiking areas(the smell alone is enough to drive people away). It is cloudy here today with thunder clouds too; hope it doesn't rain. Have a great day boys!
    Tell mom not to work too hard painting-it will be there tomorrow or next week.
    Happy Dance,
    Noreen & Hunter

  16. The scenery around your house is beautiful! I am stopping by from Molly the Wally's blog to say hello! Nice to meet you pups!

    1. Thanks for stopping by to see us!

  17. Look at those mountains. I love to climb hills. Have you climbed those mountains? That prairie dog needs chasing!!


  18. What a beautiful place to live! Lee and Phod

  19. Molls always knows the best places to visit :-) :-) x Luvs Freya Rose Blossom X


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