Friday, May 31, 2013

Fitness Friday & Update

Since today is Friday you know we're gonna run a 6 miler!  Our pawrents believe people and pups need exercise! Mom always says our bodies were created to MOVE! So first off we drive down the hill and park the truck and walk through the parking lots to our starting point.

Then we just start running!  Mom and dad tried to snap photos of us actually running but most of them didn't work out. Here's Stanley running with Dad.  I was running with mom as usual.

Wait!! . . . Stop!!!!  I gotta pee!

Sheesh Mom, you really had to take a picture of that??  I mean, I just can't run with a full bladder!  OK, back on the road . . .

It was our first time to run in windy weather.  Sometimes my ears blew around like crazy!  But me and Stan LOVE to run.  It makes us strong and keeps us fit.  Ug oh . . . wait!!  Stop!!  I gotta poop!
Mom - stop it!  I know you wanna get "action shots" of our run but this is just ridiculous!  Anyway, after we finish running we just cool down with a walk back to the truck.
We walk about a third of a mile back to the truck.  You might be noticing how my furs are getting a lot lighter.  (Mom wants me to stay darker red but it just isn't working out that way.)
I always like to sniff this weedy patch on our way back.  Mom thinks something is hiding in there.
I thought Stanley was looking exceptionally handsome today.  I licked his eyes this morning to make sure he could see good.
Oh, before I forget, I wanted to update you on the status of our stoopid neighbors.  We didn't think ANYTHING was happening.  The Mayas were stuck outside yesterday and this morning again (early before we got out of bed).  The fence posts and lattice fencing pieces were still there for them to get all tangled up in.  Even though there WAS a bowl of water, it was placed in the area that their ropes ALWAYS knock it over.  We can't see the front of the house so we had no idea if the Animal Control officer ever stopped by or if anyone was home.  Mom and dad were depressed to see this and me and Stanley were worried too.  So we went for our run.

When we came back SOMETHING happened!  The fence posts were GONE, the lattice was moved away from the Mayas's reach and there was food and water in bowls against the house where they would not (as likely) knock them over.  But the Mayas were not around.  We don't know if they went in the house or what?!?!?  We THINK that the Animal Control officer came by and made them move all the obstructions from the Mayas' area and give them food and water.  The Mayas might be in the house, we don't know.  But at least SOMETHING happened.  We haven't seen Blackie (not unusual) so we don't know what is going on there.  We will keep our eyes open (maybe I will lick EVERYBODYS eyes) to see what happens now.

Stay Fit!



  1. Murphy I like that picture of you taking Mom for a run...what a fun day full of p and p mail.

    Easy Rider's peeps took pictures of him peeing freely all over his hood!!

    Very interesting that your furs are getting lighter now. Maybe it is the sun. MOL Mom told me when she was a teenage kitten she put lemon juice on her her to lighten it MOL I told her she was real tart...she was not amused
    Hugs madi your bFFF

  2. Hey fit guys we were just going to say what Madi said. Yep Easy filled his tank and them mum took pix of him unfilling it. You are lucky trust me. Our paws are crossed for the Mayas. Maybe they took them indoors. Do the animal Control people monitor them now? Oh we so hope everything will work out for them. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Well you guys are quite the runners, wow, mom would have ran right into the beauty supply shop that is as far as she would have gotten, for sure! we so glad your neighbor pups can get to the water and food, and that someone like animal control is off their butts doing their jobs....keep us posted cos we might just have to come out there and rescue them under the dark of the night.
    stella rose

  4. Hi Murphy, I had to giggle at the pics your pawrents got of you taking care of business. I noticed your dads legs are so muscular-so defined, I can tell he is a runner. I'm so glad you get out to run. I sure hope Animal Control came and took care of the Mayas and of their stupid humans(sorry, it just makes me so upset).
    Have a pawsome weekend.
    Woofs, Noreen & Hunter

  5. Pawrents always take those embarrassing photos!

    We're happy something looks like it's happened. Let's hope it really helping the dogs. Maybe the owners just needed some information.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. THAT is at Least somethingy PAWSitive happening fur the Mayas and Blackie.
    Keep us posted.

    Now about those pictures... WE think that our Peeps are always so PROUD of us making Pees and Poops that they just GOTTA have a record of it. WE admit that you do have good Potty Form.

  7. We are glad to hear the conditions have improved a little for the neighbor dogs. How rude of you mom to take pictures of you doing your business and then post them!

    Millie & Walter

  8. Oh man, I can't believe you were snapped in the excrement process!! Glad to hear there was a small step next door too!

  9. BOL! you pee like a girl man!


  10. Good job!! Do you believe they took a picture of the"action shot", the nerve
    Benny & Lily

  11. Oh I hope something positive is happening with the stoopid neighbors. But my offer still stands, to run a undercover removal operation.

  12. I am happy to read positive news about the Stoopids beautiful dogs. I hope they are safe now. That was a nice run and I know how it is with Mom's taking those kind of pictures. They can be so rude.

    Loveys Sasha

  13. So annoying when humans take pictures of us doing our business- we don't to it to them! (which might be down tot he fact we don't have thumbs but still!)

    Great to hear better news about the Mayas!

    Dina and Mom


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