Friday, December 7, 2012

Searching For Santa Paws - Final Phase

Oh my Dog!  You will NOT believe what happened!!  As planned, we took the information we got from Santa's reindeer during our deep undercover work and went to see if it was legit.  When gathering intel you just never know   Anyway, it was a rainy day and rainy evening but that did not deter us.  We went to the place but did not see any signs of Santa Paws!  But that did not deter us.  We begged told Dad to drive the truck around to see if we could see anything.  Then suddenly mom shouted out, "There it is, I think I see it!"  So we went to the place where she was pointed to.

The first thing we saw was a giant Christmas tree.  It had ginormous presents under it and a million lights!!
I sat on one of the giant presents to get a better view of the surrounding area.
Stanley got up too.
Then we did it together.  After all, 4 eyes are better than two.  Then Stanley shouted, "Look Brother, over there!"

So I looked where Stanley was pointing and guess what I saw?????
Could it be?  Could the reindeer be right?
So we got closer and closer . . . 
I saw some clothing on the rail and I stopped to sniff it.  Could this be Santa Paws's??  We slowly approached the door . . . we peaked in . . . (remember last time this happened there was no one inside so we knew this situation could easily still go bad on us) . . . and then we heard a loud booming voice say, "Come on in boys!"

We found him!!  We found him!  The REAL Santa Paws!  He had a REAL beard and smelled like cookies!!  We were so excited!!  We talked to him a LONG time and we told him about all our friends.  We told him about Goose and how he was sick but got better and is so good all the time.  We told him about Freddie and how he needed new hips and did NOT  break that ornament.  We told him about (Freckles) Goose how he turned one and is going on a plane ride and saw a Santa with a fake beard! (Santa said it was an impostor but he still received the information.)  We told him about Allred and how he was missing and needs to come home for Christmas.  Santa Paws is looking for him too but might take him to the North Pole to handle some employee issues.  We told him about Madi, Duncan, Puddles, SugarMolly, Mollie, Alfie, Cotton, Bert, Hunter, Stormy, Cotton, Tank, Mona, Weenie, Duncan, Benny, LilyMurray, Pip, Roo, Sarge, Frankie, Ernie (Santa said Wildblue was on the naughty list), Oskar, Dougal, FloydSophie, Jazzi, Addi, Stella, Rory, Mason, FinnJack, Remington, Baci, LoganGobble Guts Gloria, Casey R. Doodle, Hope, Ollie, and all our other friends because we were sure to have missed some of them here but we did tell Santa Paws.  We also gave him a link to our bloggy so he could see all the comments our friends posted about being good.  And guess what else??  He had a computer right there that his assistant put information into and it went straight to the elves in the North Pole!!!!  It was more exciting than we could EVER have imagined!!!

We also told Santa about the pets at the homeless shelter and how they were going to get a special pet area so they and their people would not freeze at night. He promised he would stop by there for sure.  He was also very glad to hear the See Beautiful people were donating $1 for every photo where ANYONE captures BEAUTIFUL.  He was going to ask the helper elves to send in photos but hopes many others will as well so they can for sure be on the NICE list.

I just cannot tell you how exciting it was to FINALLY find Santa Paws. We were so excited we could hardly sleep that night!



Bassetmomma said...

Yay! You guys did it! You actually found Santa! This is just so exciting, I knew if anydog could fine him it would be you and Stanley! Thank you so much for putting in a good word for Freddie and Gobble Guts Gloria. I can't believe you guys actually got to sit on his knee. Sweet. Good job my friends! :)

Dougall-the-Scottie said...

Thanks for the mention!!

Molly The Wally said...

Wow you found him. You sat on his knee. You had a nice chat. We are impressed. Thanks for the mention. We know you are going to have a great Christmas. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Mollie said...

Oh my Dawg..You finally found him and youz got your photo taken..I'm woofless. Fank youz for telling him I'z been a good girl and how wonderful you telling him about all our uffer buddies. You guy'z are the best :) xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie

Kathy said...

That picture of you two on Santa's lap is the cutest Christmas Card I've seen this year! How exciting! We knew you'd find him!
Kathy & Molly

GOOSE said...

You did it! You found him! Well done. And than you for mentioning me. And a BIG thank you for putting in a word or two about the Peat Area at the shelter. You two will no doubt be on Santa's good list for a long long long time. Santa looks as nice as I thought he would.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Oh Murphy and Stanley... THANK YOU SOOOO much fur telling Santa about Wildblue. I am REALLY glad that he put them on the NAUGHTY list. MAYBE that will cause them to FIX this mess when they come this afternoon. (IF they actually DO come, as scheduled.)

You are VERY GOOD FURENDS and Super good lookin Doods.. Love the pic of you with Santa Paws.

Val said...

What a sweet post. We are going to be sure to jump on the See Beautiful blog hop next friday. We hope all of our friends have a blessed Christmas.
P.s. cute picture with you and Santa!!

Madi and Mom said...


The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears said...

Perseverance will take you places. So glad you found him. Also glad to hear he smelled of cookies. That must mean he really WAS the real thing. I've heard Santa imposters often smell like beef and cheese.

Sankissjuice said...

The next time you see Santa, can you tell him to reunite me and my critters? I just need a wee bit more funding to afford having at least one of them here with me :(

I think Santa had a fabulous time being sat on by you two :) I hope Allred comes home too and Goose gets well soon. And I really want Freddie to get his new hip(s) soon too! Positive thoughts work, I have faith.


Milo Robinson said...


Milo :)

Two French Bulldogs said...

You found the real Sandy Paws!!! What a beautiful place and special day
Benny & Lily

zooperson said...

Wow! You sat on Santa Paws' lap! What a super list of friends you have. Every night I keep looking through the fog hoping and hoping to spot him. I've been pretty good all year, and I've tried really, really hard to do what I'm suppose to do, but my brother Arthur leads me astray sometimes. Santa Paws understands, I think. Lady Caroline Lamb

Murray's Mouth said...

Great work Guys! Love the photo too! Ps...thanks for mentioning me...always nice to have a good word put in to the big guy :)

NanaNor's said...

Hi Murphy, GREAT JOB to all of you! I love that big tree with the huge presents and truly you found him-yippee! Hunter says you guys are the bestest for remembering all your friends! I hope you get extra presents because of how thoughtful you are.
Wags, Noreen & Hunter

Anonymous said...

WOW! I mean really, WOW!

Duncan Breazeale said...

Oh my dawg oh my dawg oh my dawg. You mentioned me to Santa? Thank you. Thank you!!!!!

How did he smell? Been wondering about that.

You doods are the best amd we are gonna go look into the Beautiful thing.

Berts Blog said...

I just knew that if anyone could find the real Santa Paws, it would be you two. Thanks so much for putting in a good word for me with Santa. And I hear you did some good things for the homeless doggies too.

You guys are the greatest. The very greatest and I am proud to call you my friends.


Reuben said...

OMD, good job on finding santa! He is a smellable kind of man that I no can quite locate every year!


A Day In The Life Of A Goose said...

OH MY DOG!!!! Wow, that totally looks like the Santy Paws that I see in all the books and pictures, he must have been the REAL Santy Paws!!! Congratulations boys on finally completing your mission and finding the Big Man! (I'm so glad that he still got all of my information, phew! I knew there was something "off" about the Santy Paws I saw!) You guys are totally going straight to the top of his Nice list after all those wonderful things that you told him about all of us! Your photo is incredible!! I hope that your parents framed it!! :-D Enjoy the satisfaction of completing the journey!! :-D

Lovable Lily said...

Great job guy's on finding Santa Paws! He sure is a busy man these days and he took the time to talk to you ~ That's pawsome!!

Lily Belle & Muffin

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Stanley and Murphy, O M D, you found Father Christmas???? He looks wonderful and soft and nice. Thanks heaps for telling him about us (gulp). We have tried to be good, really we have. Oh now we are so happy and wish Christmas Day was tomorrow. Thanks for sharing Father Christmas with us mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Cotton said...

Aw you finally found Santa, that's pawesome :)
Oh and drop by, I've got something for you:)

The Cat From Hell said...

You FINDED Santa Paws!?!?! Wowwzers! Yous guys is the bestest! And yous asked him about Alleed. Me sent him a letter about Allred too!

Oskar said...

You guys are great friends to mention me to Santa Paws! I'm so glad you found him.

Nubbin wiggles,