Tuesday, September 18, 2012

School Daze

Tonight was our first day back to school.  There were lots of dogs in our class.  I only met a few of them since there isn't as much social interaction in this class. And this time it isn't all puppies either! We are the Intermediate class. The focus is on learning with distance, distraction, and duration.  Stanley was very attentive to our teacher, Miss Tonya.

You can tell he was very focused.
This dog was across from us.  He wasn't as friendly as the dogs we are used to. 
This dog was next to us.  I think his name was Charley.  He was very friendly.
But the biggest surprise was what I noticed the second I walked into the class room . . .

Meet Murphy.  Yup, another Murphy and it's a girl!  She's very nice too!  She is 4 years old.

Tonight we worked on holding a stay (20 seconds) with 2 other dogs along side (duration & distraction).  The other 2 dogs were smaller than me! We also worked on clicking with loose leash walking, more downs, shaking, waving, bowing, and spinning.  Me and Stanley already know how to shake so we were ahead on that one.  Our first day of class was great!


Pee Ess - If you recall, we told you that we lost our friend Big Murphy.  Today there was an article in the newspaper about him.  It is very obvious he was a special dog.  I am proud that I look just like him, only smaller.


  1. 2 Murphys in the same class? That is just pawesome! And a news article is great for Big Murphy, he must've been really special <3

  2. Wow, your intermediate class seems waaaay harder than mine was! Keep at it guys and you'll be in puppy college soon! :-D Murphy (girl) is super pretty, talk about distraction!? Hehehe! That was a beautiful article, Big M seemed like an amazing pup! :-D

  3. Very sad about big Murphy. He will be much missed. Glad your class went well and fancy you sharing it with another Murphy. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I am sure you boys are head of your class in many things. If the not friendly dogs gives you trouble you let me know.
    And the article about Big Murphy was beautiful. Sure do still miss him a lot.

  5. Love your new friend Murphy!! Class sounds like fun!!

  6. So sad about Big Murphy. But on a happier note mommy WILL be shipping your package any day AND we nominated you for a bloggy award!!


  7. Hi Murphy, Oh how fun your class sounds(other than the Rottie with the prong collar on. I know you boys will be at the top of your class; I'm so glad Hunter starts this week-he needs to learn sit/stay and come. I think the girl Murphy is so cute, bet she thinks you're cute too. Have a great day today.
    Woofs, Noreen & Hunter
    ps also going to read the article on Big Murphy-thanks for sharing.


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