Sunday, September 30, 2012

Farm Market Fun & Grands Time!

Mom and Dad took us to the Farmer's Market yesterday.  They said it would be good experience for us.  We just thought it was fun!

Nothing says Autumn more than posing on a bale of straw!
We liked the pretty flowers in the pots.
This lady just grabbed me up and said she had to hug me because I was so cute.  Thanks to mom's camera skills she caught 3 of 4 eyes closed.  

We listened to classical music.  Mom said we needed exposure to the finer things in life.
There were people everywhere so we practiced walking in crowds.
Look at this new friend I met!  His name is Diesel and he is a mini Schnauzer.  I couldn't believe it, seeing someone smaller than me that was so cute!
After awhile we decided to just ride horses around town.  Mom had to give me a leg up but then I rode this horse all over the place!
Stanley had his own horse too.  He called his Lightening because he was so fast.

 After we got done racing horses all over the place we went to see JC play at his soccer game.  He was the goalie.

Our grand peep JC turned 8 years old last week.

Our other grand peep is finally getting used to us.  She was scared of us for a long time.
She was even real friendly with Stanley and she used to be really scared of him!
Then this little girl we never saw before came up and started petting me.  I was very nice of course but we thought it was strange that her parents let her do this.  What if I was a wild vicious dog?
She was even petting Stanley!  Stanley was a gentleman too and did not jump on her.
Then we had to wave bye to the grand peeps and everybody went home.

It was a really fun day.  We met new people and did new things.  Me and Stanley can't wait to ride horses again.  It will be good practice for the Llamas!



GOOSE said...

Wooo Giddy Up Murphy. I have never ridden a horse, you lucky pup. The Farmers Market is very cool drool. Did you see the goose (the one with feathers) being pushed around in a stroller? He wears a diaper. That's just not right. Happy Sunday to you.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

WOW you got to ride a REAL HORSE... THAT is super grrrreat.
Here we have giant painted Vases and Sweet William has Painted PIGS in his area.
What a FUN day you had.

harrispen said...

Good thing that lady didn't run off with you! What a fun day you all had.


Reuben said...

omd this looks so fun! my people sister turns 8 in two weeks - our little peoples is almost the same age!


Molly The Wally said...

Murphy and Stanley you have the coolest outings. We love the horsies. Have a super Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Sankissjuice said...

Murphy sure looked very very happy sitting on top of that bale of hay. And I am with harrispen on this: if i were the lady I would have ran off with you. How can anyone resist you, right? And this post really made me smile and giggled. Thank you for making today better fo me.


Finn said...

OMD what an awesome time!! I can't believe that random woman picked you up!!

Murray's Mouth said...

Doodles on horses! We are unstoppable!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Glad some buddy got to go to the Farmers Market with their mom!
Benny & Lily