Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Snapping Choppers

Me and Stanley get our teeth brushed fairly often 15 times every day so our peeps are aware that we have been losing teeth and getting some nice new big ones in their place.  Stanley lost his before me but now I have some nice new canines.  I had a few doubles for awhile but now they are nicely lined up.  So me and Stanley like to show off our new teeth.  Sometimes Stanley just goes around showing his new choppers (especially the bottom ones for some reason).  Me, I like to snap them, like a snapping turtle, at my brother when we are playing.  Mom says it is quite funny (and sounds like it should hurt).  But we sure like these new chompers!


PS - Don't forget today's Blogville Olympic Events!  We're having a blast and hope you are too!

Gymnastics hosted by Madi and Couch Potato Peeling hosted by Lily (me and Stanley are both in that one)


  1. What great pearly whites you have there, Murphy :)

  2. Those are some might fine toofers you got there. All the better to chomp up on some big old sticks.

  3. If you snap them too much you may end up with a night guard!

  4. Grrrrrrr ... look at those teeth. I am a snapper too when I play. Only problem is, people who don't know me sometimes don't know that I am playing. Ooops!

  5. Nice pair of nashers Stanley. A good evening to all.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Hi there, So glad your teeth have come in so nice and that your peeps keep them clean. Hunter's are in but he is a mouthy boy, loves to gently nibble on my hands-at which I give him a nice chewy.
    Hope you have a good evening. Going over to check out the Olympics right now.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  7. That's quite a set of choppers you have there. Glad to hear all your big boy teeth are coming in.


  8. Those are some nice toofers!!


  9. We BOTH like having our teefs brushed... Esp. with CHICKEN Flavored Paste. YUMMMMMMM

    THANK YOU fur putting up the link to the Games of the Day. THAT is very much Grrrrreat of you to do that fur all our furends.

  10. Growing up boys! Big boy teeth

  11. Woof! I lost my teeths long ago! teething was no funs at all! But our big teeths are better for chomping Nommies!

    Hope to see you enter our contest!

    ~Stinky Kisses, Mason

  12. Oh Wow! What wonderful Teeth you have! And they came in just great!
    Kozmo at the Cat from Hell


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