Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fort Fun Friday

Since yesterday was Friday, that meant it was the day to meet our friends at the fort to play.  When mom said this, me and Stanley did High 5's and barked - "YAY!"

Goose's mom says hello to us.

Me and Bert played a lot of fetch.

Goose tells Baci to hurry up.

Me and Bert, we ran and ran and ran!

A new guy, Rocky, stopped in and I ran with him a minute too.

Whew - I was running a lot!

Miss Baci - she is so fun!

In the water with Baci and Logan.

Me and Stanley

Stanley and Baci were talking about personal stuff so I left. (I think Stanley REALLY likes Baci like a girlfriend or something.  I will have to remind him about my experience with Marley!)

"OMD - Where did my other legs go?  Quick, help me find them!"

Yup, mom even let me get in the mud.
Me and Stan doing what we do best - having fun!

Goose, Stan, me, Baci - Big Murphy is arriving on scene!

We all say "hi" to Big Murphy.

More running - can you believe it?

Logan tells Stanley, "Just give me the ball and we'll get along fine . . . "



I was jumping for joy and running at the same time!

How many miles have I run?

"I'm right behind you Bert!"

It was so much fun playing with our friends.  We can't wait until next week to do it all over again!



  1. It was super fun. Well except when MOM lock the keys in the Blazer. But you guys saved the day when you called your Triple A friend. MOM wants to make sure you know how much we appreciated it.
    And holy dog Murphy can you RUN! Any dog that can keep up with Bert chasing a ball is a super dog for sure.

  2. Loved, Loved, Loved these wonderful pictures!!! You are so lucky to live close to your bloggy buddies!
    What a blessing that your Mom could call the AAA man to help Goose get into his vehicle...and stayed wiff them until that man arrived! Your family saved the night!!!
    Your furiend,

  3. Okay that is it, I've had enough, my bags are packed, when can I come over and play????????? Have a lovely weekend, from the green eyed monster from across the pond.
    Best wishes molly

  4. what a fun day to romp around
    Benny & Lily

  5. That gang always has the best fun playing together. You boys are lucky to have so many friends to play with.


  6. Looks like you guys had fun! I wish I had more doggy furiends to play with. Catcha soon...


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