Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Several Things

I want to tell you about school last night.  All our friends were there and the training went well.  Then the teacher said that next week is our last week and I felt sad.  

"I'll miss all my new friends," I said.  

Teacher said she knew I would and she felt bad but it would be time for graduation "if you pass the test".  
"What?" I asked as my head snapped around in disbelief, "a test"?  

She explained that we will be tested on our training.  Now I have learned lots of stuff and when I am not at school (where there are so many distractions), I'm pretty good at showing off my stuff. But part of the test will be on our loose leash training.  Oh, there's gonna be trouble with this one!  I do a fair job until I get to school, then I am so crazy excited all I do is pull the leash!

The other thing I want to tell you is that so far we have 15 athletes registered for our Marathon Chewing event.  When I told Stanley he said, "What . . . 15, that's amazing!"

Yes, it's true.  We think that is a very good start.  To see who is registered all you have to do is click on the link on the sidebar. Mom is helping me with this and we are trying very hard to not make any mistakes.

So far we think we're OK.  But sometimes mom's brain goes funny and I worry about her.  She is very old you know.  I think she might be 117 or maybe even older. But I keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't get confused too much.

The last thing I wanted to mention is kind of a touchy subject.  Stanley and I have been talking about it and we decided the only way to bring it to everyone's attention is if we are unified, so we are saying this together.

"Ready to say it brother?"

We have been trying to stay up with everyone's blogs and to leave comments when we stop by.  But some blogs still have that nasty word verification turned on.  Yesterday we tried 3 times to enter the word verification thingie and it kept saying we were wrong and accusing us of being robots!

 "We are NOT robots -  we are Goldendoodles!" we barked into the computer.  

But it would not listen and we finally had to give up.  So we decided that on blogs that have word verification turned on we will no longer leave comments.  We feel bad about this but when you try to read as many as we do, it's really hard.  So please, don't be offended if you fall in this catagory.  We hope you'll consider changing over to moderating comments (they won't print until you OK them).  That would make it easy AND you would not have to worry about spammers or graffiti artists!

Murphy & Stanley


  1. OH Stanley and Murphy.... I am SOOOOOOO with you about that word thingy... I have pretty much stopped trying after the SECOND attempt... That is just the way the Milkbone Crumbles. Two tries and that is IT.

    Now about that test thingy... I say.. GO EARLY and just sort of Hang Around and Walk about a bit... to keep the nerves under control.. and YOU WILL BE FINE!!! You can do it!!!
    PeeS... Shasta and Shiloh are feelin UNLOVED beclaws nowbuddy has entered their SYNCHRONIZED PEEING EVENT... sooo they have even started a Second Category... sync. Peeing..WANNA BE's.. fur those that have no peeing PAWtners. Do you boys think you could drink some extra water.. and try to enter?

    1. We do it all the time and mom and dad have been lazy and not gotten a photo but today they have been trying to get a photo. We are entering, we will let Shasta & Shilo know.

  2. WOW you have a lot of athletes entered, of which I am one of them. Don't worry you'll be fine with your test. And if not you can take the class all over again and meet even more new friends. Amen to word verification.

  3. Guys the test will be A OK. Glad your event is going well. Word verification is a pain but we try to get past it. Have a great evening.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Good luck on your test!!!!

  5. Hi guys, I know you'll both be fine with the testing-just don't stress about it! Let's see, 15 other entrees-that is great. I totally understand your stand about word verification. I have the same trouble with some and it is frustrating. I had it for awhile, to get rid of spam but now I have comment moderation on and so it isn't an issue. I have troubles checking everyone's blog too(probably because I have 200+ blogs I follow. I try to weed them out from time to time and I never make it around to all the blogs-oh well. Have a great evening you cute doods.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  6. Poor Dolls. Dears, may I know what kind of browser you are using? Sometimes it's a matter of changing browser so that the word verification thing is resolved, you know.

    By the way, good luck on your test.

    And lastly, we sent you our entries. Kindly disregard our first email because it was sent too early.

    Huggies and Cheese,


    P.S. For our bloggy friends out there, here's a link of the rules for the Chewing Marathon again http://murphyandstanley.blogspot.com/2012/06/rules.html

    1. I have Chrome on my PC but it's an issue on my tablet as well. It is just too dang hard to read those scrunched up letters and nearly faded away numbers.

  7. I wouldn't worry 'cause I think you'll both do awesome at your test! Good luck!

  8. I hear you Dudes...on the word thingy!! My Mom tarp turned here's off a looooong time ago butt has to remember to check back cuz sumtimes Bloggy gets things all scrambled again! I need to send my entry in for the Olympics..Where is dat bully stick anyways?
    Your furiend,

  9. Well heck look at what the autocorrect did!! Tarp and here's ....what the Heck is that?

  10. You will do great on your test, dont stress bout it.
    I TOTALLY agree with ya on the robot stuff. It drives us crazy and we can hardly read it sometimes!!


  11. Hi Murphy and Stanley-

    Nice to meet you! We love doodle dogs :D

    Wyatt and Stanzie


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