Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

 Happy 4th of July everybody!  Today we went to our first ever parade!  There were lots of people.  Mom and Dad said we were VERY good.  We didn't bark at other dogs, and we didn't get bothered by the loud music or police and fire sirens either.  
We got there before it started.  Me and Stanley wondered why so many people were along the streets.
Stanley was watching to see what was coming.
I was trying to watch the parade but then I saw a bug.
We were very well behaved (unlike the other dog that the lady is holding).
We had to move against the building to get some shade because it was VERY, VERY hot!  Since we couldn't see past all the people Dad boosted us up.

We were very respectful when the flag went by.
We only had 2 minutemen in our parade.  Mom said our parade was "low budget".
We almost missed the D.A.R.E. car!  Our peep-brother Shane is a police officer and our grand peeps were in the car too.

This band was very loud but we didn't mind.  We tapped our paws to the beat of the music.
We never saw a horse before!  One of these was going the wrong direction.  They poop big too!

After awhile, it got so hot that mom and dad decided to walk back to the park.  They said it would be good practice for us to walk through the crowds of people on the side walk.  We did really good but as we walked along we could hear people murmuring how cute we were.  Many people stopped us and asked what breed we were.  Many wanted to pet us.
This lady thought I was very cute and said she had to pet me.  She liked how I just came over and was so nice. (We have another picture of another lady who had to pet me but Blogger didn't like the picture.)
Of course the kids loved us too.  The lady on the far right said she had a full sized Dood.
Stanley wanted to make sure this moment was being caught on camera because he was displaying perfect manners -  no jumping or biting!
This little boy was autistic and he loved us and kept petting us.  His mom and dad had already stopped us earlier to find out about Goldendoodles.  They want to get him one.  We thought this must be what it was like to be a therapy dog!
He was crazy about Stanley and Stanley had the most perfect manners for a LONG time, about 15 hours.
Stanley sat perfectly still and just smiled.
I thought I better say hello to the boy too.

Even when I was ready to go (remember, it was HOT!) Stanley was good and stood by the little boy.

When the parade got over, we were walking back to the truck and some more people stopped us.  Really, about 87 people stopped us already!  They went crazy over me because they liked my color.  They were so impressed with me and Stanley that they wanted our breeder's cell phone number that minute!  The lady texted them and said they wanted a dog just like us!

After we got home, we did "Dad's tradition".  Every 4th of July he counts up his "road kill".  That is money he finds when he and mom are out walking or running.  His best year was $54.90 (he found a $20 bill so  that really raised the amount).   He poured the coins out on the counter and showed them all to me.

"Stanley, would you look at all this money!" I said.
"I better check it for bugs.  All clear!"

"Let me see Murphy, there might be something in there that can cut Dad's finger when he starts counting."
"Looks OK to me Dad, go ahead and count it."
 There was a total of $10.12.  Over the past 8 years that dad has been collecting his road kill, he has found a total of $122.40 that people have just thrown away.  After that, me and Stanley needed to take a nap.  Mom says there will be a fireworks show tonight and we will want to stay up and watch it.

Zzzzzzzzz . . . .
Zzzzzzzzz . . . 

Have a fun and safe 4th of July everyone!



Oskar said...

You boys have got impeccable manners! I'm 7, and due to some health issues my mom person has, I'm not very well socialized. I like to see stuff like this on blogs I read.

Have wonderful Independence Day!

Nubbin wiggles,

NanaNor's said...

Happy Paws to you today. I loved seeing the parade-what good role models you both are. I know that children with special needs can be helped so much by a loving companion. Maybe the little boy will get a dog from your breeder. I'm glad you had such a good time.
WE all went to a parade today too but it was much smaller. Still Hunter and his gal Lexie were so good. Unfortunately, he didn't get as long of walk as normal and he had an accident this afternoon. I wonder how your mom treats the spot when an accident happens at your house. I use Resolve; it is frustrating when I don't realize the little guy has to go out. He doesn't always tell me. I guess he is still young at 7 mos(2 mos with us)and it will all come together but I sure wish it was now.
Happy 4th to you all. Wags, Noreen & Hunter

Sankissjuice said...

You two are such good boys. If I were there, I wouldn't stop petting you either. I like your daddy's tradition :) Perhaps he can use some of that money to buy you a big bone each? Have I said how cute you two are? Well, if I have I am saying it again :) I love seeing those faces. I want to squeeze you! hehe.

I'll be back,

Finn said...

I would take that money in a heartbeat too! Great job at the parade and enjoy the rest of the day!

Murphy said...

Thanks, our peeps had prior pets who were not socialized very well so they are very committed to make sure we are socialized. (That is the main reason we went to the parade.) We are sorry your mom person has health issues!

Murphy said...

Mom just messaged you via Facebook.

GOOSE said...

Way to go you two. A parade and of course everyone wanted to pet you. Who wouldn't. I like your dad's idea of road kill. Do you get to spend it on treats and stuffies? Happy Independence Day.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I am VERY much PROUD of you young'uns. To have been in that hooooge crowd with a parade to boot.. and not to be jumping or anythingy. Bestest Behavior... I hope you tell TEACHER when you go to school again!!!
I hear that Goose had some EXCITEMENT at His Place and it had nothing to do with parades and stuffs.
Happy Independence Day... and Congratulations!!!!!

Jazzi said...

WOW!! What a day you both had and I am impressed at how good you two are. I am 6 and I dont behave as well as you do. I go biserk and want all the attention. My peeps went to a parade too but I had to stay home *sigh*
Happy 4th


harrispen said...

It's no wonder that everyone wanted to pet you two. You did very good in that big noisy crowd. It was so nice to let that little boy spend so much time with you too. Keep up the good work on your manners and being so cute.


Sherri said...

It sounds like you had a great day, and how awesome that you were in the right place at the right time for the little boy with Autism to find you and because of that he is going to get a puppy. We saw a large goldendoodle today on our hike in Wheeler canyon and he really loved playing in the water and was so cute but not as cute as you two :). Enjoy the fireworks

Stewey said...

Wow - you two were so well-behaved at that parade! Kudos to you! Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

The Cat From Hell said...

Wow! Were yous 2 calm! My hairy slobbery sisters (well Cinnamon) would not be that calm! Keep up the good work boys and yous will be a great as Bert is with peoples!

Molly The Wally said...

We hope you had a lovely 4th July.
Best wishes Molly