Tuesday, July 3, 2012

School & Naps

 Gee, it sure has been hot lately.  We want to go for a walk but have to wait until evening so the asphalt isn't so hot it will melt our pads.  This evening we're going for a walk and then stopping at the park to do some training.  We had school last night so we're working on some new stuff.  I can't believe how much stuff we are learning!

When we got to school we were excited to see all our friends. We are really starting to see some changes in all our friends.  In this picture you can see Blackie and Blacky.  Blacky is the shy boy who would not interact but this week he was like a different dog!  Everyone was talking about how much he changed.  The teacher even used him for a demonstration!

Marley had to stay on leash again.  Teacher said she had to learn to quit "talking trash". Charlie was trying to tell her to talk nice too.

Since Marley kept "talking trash" the teacher used the spray bottle on her.  Every time I turned around she was pouncing on me (as usual).  At one point Teacher said, "Get her Murphy". I suppose sometimes I'm just too easy going.  Mom says I have a gentle spirit. I'm not shy, I just don't get mad very easily.

Yesterday morning mom and dad got up real early again (4:00 a.m.).  It was their long run day (13 miles).  When they got back mom said we all needed to take a nap.  So everyone was on the bed and an hour later dad got up to go to the bathroom so me and Stanley thought it was time to wake up mom. So mom got up and called us all "Bad Nappers".  She said Stanley was especially a "Bad Napper".  Stanley felt bad so later in the afternoon, when mom was so tired she could no longer keep her eyes open, she took a snooze on the couch and Stanley jumped up and snoozed with her.  When they woke up Stanley said, "See Mom, I'm a good napper!"  He was glad I took a picture for proof.  He even tried to sleep in the same position as mom.

Tomorrow me and Stanley are going to the 4th of July parade.  We hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday celebration!



harrispen said...

I love a good nap! Looks like Stanley was enjoying his nap with mom.


GOOSE said...

Love the pic you your mom with Stanley. Naps are always good with the peeps. Enjoy the parade.

Duncan Breazeale said...

Mom says I am a bad napper because I try to get comfortable at everyone else's expense. You are a much better napper than me!!

Enjoy the parade ... can't wait to hear all about it!!

Molly The Wally said...

Naughty Marley! have a lovely 4th of July to you and yours.
Best wishes Molly

NanaNor's said...

Hi boys, Loved seeing you at school. I'm glad you took a nap with mom Stanley! I hope you have fun at the parade-I found some patriotic fabric to put on Hunter's collar. He isn't bothered by noise but tomorrow night when we go to watch the fireworks, we will leave music on for him, just in case.
Happy 4th.
Your friends, Noreen & Hunter

Finn said...

13 miles! Wow! Enjoy the holiday tomorrow!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I thought you were gonna show us Nap time on RUGS...at your School. Maybe THAT is What the Trashy Tawker needs... a nice nap on a soft rug.

Bassetmomma said...

School and naps sounds like a fun day! After 13 miles I bet your Momma needed a nap. I'm so glad that Stanley napped with her later in the afternoon. What a cute picture! Enjoy your parade! :)

Keith Andrea said...

.,ehm seems you're enjoying your nap there Stanley..lol

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Sankissjuice said...

That photo is just priceless! Stanley is sooo cool.

I think you have the pawfect temperament, Murphy. She talks trash, ei? No wonder she is your ex. Good move. You've got taste.

Keep working hard in school. Come see us some time. I'm not scary anymore.

I'll be back,