Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Surprise For Us!

When the mail came today, the mailman brought a package to Mom and Dad.  They were expecting our car-riding harnesses to come so that was what they assumed it was.  When they opened the box they were surprised to see the company sent the order in a pretty blue gift bag.

  "Wow, that's kind of fancy", Mom said. 

 Then Dad reached into the gift bag and handed Mom a card that had my and Stanley's names written on it.

"This is strange", Mom mumbled.  

Then Dad decided to check the address on the box and saw that it was addressed to us in care of Mom and Dad.

 "It's a present from Ellen!" Dad exclaimed. 

 So Mom opened the card and saw that our Aunt Ellen and (reluctant) Uncle Lee sent us presents.

The chew bones look delicious.  Dad even sniffed them.  One of the first things I will do when we get home on Friday is to hide one from Stanley, otherwise I am afraid he will take all of them.  We were happy to see the water bottles too.  Mom and Dad were just talking the other day about how they needed a way to give us a drink when we are out having fun.  Thank you Aunt Ellen & (Still Reluctant) Uncle Lee!




  1. You have presents all ready? That is great! Good call on hiding the bones. Two more day and you both will be home, forever.

  2. So glad you like your "coming home" presents. They were addressed to you and Stanley, though, so I wonder why Mom and Dad opened them? Probably because you don't have thumbs and sometimes will need a little help (but not much) with this sort of thing. Can't wait til your home!
    "Aunt" Ellen (and still reluctant Uncle Lee)


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