Friday, March 30, 2012

8 weeks old!

I can't believe it!  Me and Murphy are 8 weeks old today.  The last week has gone so fast.  It seems like  we just came to our forever home.  Yesterday mom and dad brought out some toys that we hadn't seen before.  Me and Murphy had a lot fun playing tug-of-war.  I tried to show Murphy how to squeak the toys but he just couldn't figure it out.  I think his mouth is too small to push the squeaker thing.

I really like to carry flowers

This is the way you make it squeak
This dragon squeaks real loud

Sometimes I let Murphy get the best of me 
Murphy likes it when he is on top

I can't believe I have all these toys 

Peace at last

Murphy is a real pain sometimes

   Me and Murphy are really lucky to be together and having a good life.



Bassetmomma said...

Woo Hoo! Eight weeks old and you guys are living the dream!!

Val said...

wow, 8 weeks and look at all the adventures you've already experienced. You are 2 lucky pups, not to mention CUTE!!

GOOSE said...

8 weeks! Before ya know it it will be 8 months.