Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Dream

Living the Dream . . . .
Last night I dreamed that me and Murphy were traveling to Mom and Dad.  I was really excited that we could finally be in our forever home.  Imagine my disappointment when I opened m eyes and I was surrounded by our litter-mates.  I know that we will soon be in our forever home.  Tomorrow . . . tomorrow . . . I can't help but think about tomorrow!



  1. Your dreams will be real enough very soon. If ya take a nap it will come faster.

  2. Goose told me that you were comin HOME today. I am so excited. I can barely contain myself. I want to meet you two in person.

    I can't wait for the day Goose and I can introduce you two to our Saturday walking group and to my river (we can wait a bit for that) and our park and our trails.

    Oh this is so exciting.

    Welcome HOME.......Today is your Gotcha Day..... March 23, 2012 is a great day in HISTORY.


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