Friday, March 9, 2012

Dad Chose ME!!!

 Murphy is a good pillow.

I love being in Dad's hands

Mom and Dad visited us today and Dad picked me as the official Stanley.  I knew all along that I was the one. I just hoped that Dad felt the same.  His favorite names for me are "Curly Stanley" and "Stanley G."  He doesn't know what "G" stands for, but I do.  It stands for GREAT, which is how I feel now that I know I will be living with Mom, Dad, and Murphy in our forever home.  Mom was giving Dad a bad time about how I was a bargain because Dad got more (heavier) dog for his money than Mom got with little Murphy.



  1. I think your Dad made the right and cutest choice. Can't wait til we meet.

  2. Not sure about GREAT...I think your G stands for GORGEOUS :)

    I'm so glad I found your bloggie! Your photos are beyond cute!


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