Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rock Climbing Pups

Wednesday was another fun day in our back yard.  Our yard has a strip of grass, then it slopes down on a hill.  At the end of the hill is a steep drop off.  Today I explored the steep drop off part.  I found a path that let me slide to the bottom but then I had to figure out how to get back up.

This is me at the bottom.  Am I big enough to make it up these big rocks?  Mom reminded me I was still a baby.

I might be a baby but I'm a rock climbing baby.  I dug my paws into the crevasse and pulled myself up through the rocks.

When Stanley saw what I was doing, he went to the bottom too.  I had to tell him where to climb back up.
Stanley pulled himself up the rocks too.

YAY!  We both made it to the top of the drop off.  Mom was astonished at our skill and strength.  She told dad, "We have amazing boys!"
Me and Stanley running up the hill to the grassy area.

When we got to the yard, we saw that our neighbor Benson had come to visit.

We told Benson where we went climbing.  He was impressed!
We chased with Benson for a little bit.  Mom thinks the expression on my face is funny.
Me and Stanley ganged up on Benson but then Benson had to go home.

Stanley and I like to chew and pull on the branches of this bush.  We keep hoping one day we'll break off a stick.
Mom keeps googling to find out if things are toxic to me and Stanley.  This bush was OK.

We followed dad down the hill to help him blow off some leaves.  We like helping  mom and dad.  (Tuesday day we helped mom with laundry so we thought it was fair to help dad today.)

I like climbing through the branches of the grape vines.  But then mom told dad we needed to rip them out because grapes are bad for dogs and she was sure we would eat a grape or two.  Mom's probably right.

Being a pup is so much fun.  I sure love my family!




GOOSE said...

Wowzers you guys are amazing. Hopefully someday soon you can come and romp, play and climb with me and my friends on one of our walks at the Fort or the Pond.

Val said...

What fun you little boys are having...all that exploring, all that chewing, new friends and helping mom and dad. I bet you are very tired at the end of the day. Tired puppies are good puppies. Happy thursday!!

Murphy said...

We look forward to it Goose. We hope you're feeling better today!

Bassetmomma said...

You two really are adventurous! Those were some big rocks you climbed! Love the last pic!!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I loved seeing you rock climbing-of course since I used to rock climb it is natural I'd like others to share in it. You two are so fun and making me smile-I'm looking forward to getting a puppy this spring sometime.
Happy Paws to you.

Sarge said...

Wow, what great rock pix! You two sure are brave and strong already. Looks like Benson is a fun neighbor to have!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Jazzi said...

MAN!! You two are having so much fun and learning so much. WTG on the great climb!!


Murphy said...

Gee, that's the same thing my mom says! Yes, we have 2 speeds: full tilt and off

Murphy said...

Thanks, it was sort of an accident but I really like that action photo too.

Murphy said...

You're getting a puppy? How exciting! What kind?

Murphy said...

Yes, Benson is very nice. But his sister Lilly, she is not so nice so we don't play with her.

Murphy said...

Thanks Jazzi, we really like climbing!

Anonymous said...

You two are quite the exploring fur balls :D Rock and mountain climbing all in one day! Wow! What fun to watch your antics :)

Waggin at ya,