Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pawlympics Swimming Event

We welcome you to the Pawlympics Swimming Event!  

The media is here and security is tight!  Blogville Pawlice are really keeping a lock down on these Pawlympic events!

The pressure is on for these pawathletes to give it their all in hopes of winning a gold medal.  Who will be victorious and who will be defeated?  

The judge is ready to start the event. . . 

Madi is standing by to assist as the furst swimmers enter the pool . . . What? Is Stanley leaving the pool?  Murphy is swimming out to Madi to advise her of something . . . 

Our furst swimmer is Angel Greta.  She shows total grace with her dive into the pool.  It's obvious that she is trying to impress the judges with her style.  The judges are smiling! We think she has accomplished that and it should be reflected with a high score!

We switch over to the furst athlete in the snow swimming division.  It's mayoral candy date Arty and he appears to prefer the deep end of the snow.  We're surprised Mabel isn't with him.  Those two are joined at the hip lately.  Anyone else notice that? Anyhoo . . . a total show of bravery with NO snowballs!!  WTG Arty!

Popping over to our beach division we see Bentley.  It appears he is going to try and catch a big wave. This is a risky move cuz if he wipes out the judges won't award a very high score and he COULD end up disqualified!  BUTT the payoff could be a very high score.  We hope he catches a big wave!

We continue with our lake division to see Bertie.  He is flying through the water!  OMD, is that Gail in hot pursuit of him? What is she thinking?  These are the Pawlympics! She didn't grow paws did she?  Are they a team?  OMD! The judges are loving it!

The judges are impressed as Casey hits the water.  Folks, this is a pawfect example of intense training.  His form is pawfect! Girls, do you see those rippling muscles?  This fella is a dog's dog fur sure!

OMD! Here we are with another swimmer showing pawfect form.  It's Charlie from Downunder!  We knew he would dominate any running event butt we had no idea he was such an amazing swimmer! He is swimming for gold fur sure! Go Charlie!

Moving over for coverage at the pool we see the beautiful Dory.  We can see the judges are impressed with her use of the color pink in how her swimdanna matches her floatie! She puty the pretty in the phrase pretty girl! We think the judges are quite taken with her!

Whoops, the judges were called over to the tub division to judge Easy.  They are discussing as to whether or not his use of HBO words when the water hit him will be cause for disqualification.  Oh wait . . . turns out Easy was just speaking French so the judges will give him a score.  Whew - that was a close one!  Looking good Easy!

Back in our Pool Division it is easy to see that Emma is very comfortable in the water!  She must have taken swimming lessons from a mermaid cuz she glides effortlessly through the water!  Great job Emma!

Back at the Lake Division we find the Price Boys, Frankie & Ernie.  Frankie quickly enters the water butt it looks like Ernie might be a bit hesitant.  Wait a minute, the judges have called interference on their mother for telling Ernie not to get his shorts wet! Don't listen Ernie, GO FOR IT! 

Here is newcomer Louis Dog Armstrong.  The judges are noting how at ease he is in the water and considering awarding an extra high score for a simultaneous drink and swim!  This is a pawathlete who knows the benefits of proper hydration! We like his style and think this new up and comer has a few tricks up his furs!

OMD, we have a second pawathlete doing the simultaneous drink and swim!  Macy glides through the water like an otter while refreshing herself with a fresh drink!  We see she had the pool specially painted to match her eyes. WOW! She's pulling out all the stops!  Things are really gearing up in this competition!

Here's Noodle, trying to not be outdone by dancing on top of the water.  Is this a move his girlfurend Lexi might have shown him? We're pretty sure no one else has done this before! Shake what yo mama gave ya Noodle!

Norma Jean slides through the water with such ease we are wondering if she was born in the water?  She has the grace of a dolphin and the speed of an eel.  She's barely breaking the surface tension of the water.  Folks, that is the mark of a top notch swimmer! Norma Jean you are our girl!

Princess Leah is in the Princess Division.  As the only entry in this division she is guaranteed a gold medal without even getting in the water! It was a risky decision butt it looks like it's going to pay off bigtime!  All hail to the princess!

In our open water division we see Zaphod moving across the water so quickly that at first glance we thought he was a dolphin!  The judges are in total awe of his speed,  agility, and fetching ability! And that isn't even his Precious! We are sure this fella is going to be in big demand for magazine covers!  And Ladies, word is he's single and interested in meeting a special girl!

Back in our Tub Division we have Pierre who is fearlessly staring straight at the judges.  You can see his television experience is paying off with this bold attitude!  He is going for bonus points with the sudsy look.  Let's hope it pays off!

Back in the open water we see Roxy and Bella in the deep water. Unfortunately, one of them is going the wrong direction!  Will she be able to correct her course before the judges notice?  Wait! What is it we hear?  Oh, Dui is shouting that Down Under they swim in opposite directions!  Whew!  That was a save! 

Now we have Sarge in the Open Water Stick Recovery Division.  He is keeping the stick out of the water, a critical movement for a high score in this division.  His style is high stick and high tail.  Wow, that could pay off big with the judges!

As our only feline athlete we see Shadow preparing to enter the water.  Now we all know khats aren't typically interested in water so will Shadow be the exception?  The judges are on the edge of their seats . . .

Yes, she does it!  The judges actually stood up in their seats in astonishment as Shadow swims to shore!

Our final contestants in the Snow Swimming Division are Millie & Walter.  It appears that they are impressing the judges with some snow aerobics moves!  They're in the deep stuff folks so that takes a lot of training!  Go Millie & Walter!

And our final Pool Division contestants are Tegan, Wyatt and Samson.  Since Tegan has just barely passed the age requirement for these games we're interested in how she'll do. Is she leaving?  It looks like Samson is charging into the pool!

Yes! Wyatt followed Samson in the water with a pawfect splash-free dive!  What style this fella has! Yay Wyatt!

OMD! Now Tegan has followed suit! Her brother must have been training her on his pawfect technique.  This young girl has mastered the dive and is amazing everyone with her technique! The judges are very impressed!

Oh wait! We have one more fashionably late contestant in the Pool Division!  Ruby Airedale who can NOT get her ears wet due to recent troubles (and let's face it she wouldn't get her fabulous furs wet anyway) is being towed across the pool in a raft by her fiance' Murphy with Wilson!  Ut oh . . . if the judges notice she is drinking margaritas she will surely get disqualified!

Ladies and Gentle Dogs, that concludes our Swimming event for the Blogville Pawlympics.  In an unheard of turn of events, the judges have awarded every pawticipant a gold medal!  Grab a copy and proudly post on your blog or sidebar!  And as always, thanks for pawticipating in your 2016 Blogville Pawlympics!


  1. That was so much fun to see all everyone competing in the swimming. Such great pictures and many good swimmers. This is great. They should all get a gold medal.

  2. Crikey ... I got a GOLD medal!!! MUM ... I got a GOLD medal!!! How good is that??? I can't wait to show it off on my sidebar. I hope Mum can manage to do that. She's not as talented as me! Congratulations to all the other swimmers too, aye? What a good time we had!!

  3. Hari OM
    Bravo bravo bravooooo.... OMD this has been a great start to the games, everyone a winner. That's the spirit!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Whoohoo! That was some really pawsome swimming. Congrats to everyone. Phod will wear his medal with pride!

  5. Shadow was the big surprise to us, although we aren't sure why. Arty Mouse went in the pond after fish frequently. We loved the snow swimming we don't have that event here on the MS Coast.

  6. oh my what an event! apaws apaws Bravo Bravo!!!! we are deep impressed ! all that athletes are GREAT!... and we give standing ovations to Shadow, wow that's stunning!!!

  7. Why that cat, Shadow, gets all tens! Swimming is a great sport.
    Sweet William The Scot

  8. Whew. All of these gold medal performances sure had me at the edge of my seat! And even a feline swimmer competing? Now this is what we call a grand event!

  9. BRAVO BRAVO STANDING OVATION THE JUDGES ARE HOLDING UP 10+ CARDS FOR ALL THE PAWTICIPANTS!! OMCs what a wet and wild and funny event. Now give everyone a bone/sardine nip tow for their fine efforts...
    Kudos to the commentator for such a fine play by play
    Hugs madi and mom

  10. Bravo Bravo! I am not much of a water dog, but I sure do admire all the participants. And Madi does look super duper fabulous in stripes!

  11. Wow! Just Wow!
    Who knew water could actually be fun?
    Toodle pip!
    PS I was particularly impressed by Princess Leah's performance...

  12. Wow! All the pawthelites are so great! all are just wonderful! Great job! Paws Up!!

    Mabel - GO ARTY!!! WAHOO!!!
    Bailey & Hazel too

  13. We are having such a great time competing today and are surprised to see we weren't the only ones snow swimming. Thanks for hosting this event.

  14. Wow! Hooray! Look at everybody go!

  15. Blogville sure does have the most awesome swimmers and it's not just limited to water! Great job, guys!

  16. Extraordinary competition, guys! Well done effurry-body, well done! Sam was very impressed with the security detail. Gold stars all around! 🌟

  17. Oh, that's so wonderful! Everyone did a great job! You two sure know how to put on an exciting event!

  18. How fun; we think everyone should get a gold medal!
    Noreen and Hunter

  19. OMD we were on the edge of our seats for this great event!! We just loved the blow by blow commentary!! Blogville sure can swim in all kinds of conditions!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  20. B.O.L! 10-10, 10-10, 10-10 for such a brilliant event. Exciting and humorous! We're so happy to have taken part.

  21. Applause for all those swimmers. We don't seem too interested in the pool Mom has here for us, but maybe if we lived near the ocean, it would be different. Great event, boys. And Ciara wants all those ladies with eyes on Casey that he is all HERS:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

    1. No one else's, honey! But don't get mad at the ladies for looking. Can you BLAME them?

  22. Bravo! You were all stupendous and the Announcer had us riveted to our seats! Well done all around!! We loved how ingenious some of you were with your entries. Next year we will be sure to enter! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  23. What a great event! I hold a world record for swimming around my pontoon boat SEVEN TIMES without stopping. Mom wasn't paying attention... Ah, the glory days...

  24. We are soooooo proud to represent the Bayou in this year's summer games. Two GOLD MEDALS! Hey, Mom!!! we won the GOLD! Where are the treats? Swimming makes us hungry. ☺

  25. OMD!!!!! I knew you were one strong STUD MUFFIN, butts I can't believes you made 87 laps in the Blogville pool!!!!! I hopes your tender paws aren't all wrinkled and stuffs...lets me rub some suntan lotion on them....oh, sorry, I remembered your Moms reads this....hehehehe
    OMD, everyone was sooooo PAWSOME!!!!! I can't believes Shadow!!!! That kitteh is braver than I!!!! BOL!!!! shhhh, don't tells any doggie I said that....
    Okays, I'm headin' out to bark with you!!!! It's a cool 66 degrees right nows!!! OMD, it's like fall! I can't believes how nice it is this week...I will send you guys some cool pacific aire up there! ♥
    Your Fiance, the one with the dry and FABulous furs, Ruby ♥♥♥

  26. I don't think I could've picked just one winner either. Everyone did so well. Shiver and Chico were sitting on the edges of their seats in excitement.

  27. We are SO excited to see all the entrants! Of course, if mom had her stuff together...the picture we have on the blog today could have put us in the competition...but she has been too busy with our visitors lately. Congrats to everybody!!

  28. This was a fantastic event! Everyone did such a great job, but I have to say, even being a dog, that swimming cat sure was impressive! Thanks for a fun event!

  29. Hey Doods!
    Wow, that was such a wonderful group of competitors! OMD you even had a kittie entrie. BOL. I love all of the freestyle techniques and creative form. Our furiends are in tip top condition. Thanks for hosting's one of my very favoritist events.
    Grr and a Sporting Woof,
    Sarge, Athlete

  30. Great competition and outstanding competitors! What a blast to see all those water (and snow) babies!

  31. OMD, what a fangtastic event! It's nice to see all my hard training pay off. Yes, ladies, look all you want, but I'm Ciara's all the way!

  32. Murph and Stan...I'm still basking in memories of wearing my first swimming suit.
    Tell your mom she did a great job selecting it for me 'cause I have no fashion sense except for furs
    Hugs madi your bfff

  33. These were FABULOUS! Thank DOG they all got a medal, how could anyone ever choose? DakotasDen

  34. YAY and WOOHOOS.
    Oh I had sooooo much funs AND you gave me a GOLD Medal, I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am!!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  35. What fun ! Concatulations to you all, you're amazing athletes ! Purrs

  36. Woohoo woohoo what a great time at the swimming competition! We almost couldn't contain ourselves we were so excited!!! That Shadow is SO brave!!!! Way to go all!
    Marty and the Gang

  37. What a great event!! Gold Medals for the Blogville swim team!!

    ♥♥ Wyatt and Tegan

  38. Competing against all those dogs was hard work. That was an exciting event.



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