Friday, August 12, 2016

Our Pawrents Love Our Poops

This month our mom chose what we were going to review from Chewy. Usually me and Stanley do it.  We THOUGHT we could trust her to get something delicious.  

She KNOWS all the stuff we like.  BUTT she did NOT order a treat!  No, she only thought of herself and this crazy obsession she has to save our poops.  She ordered this:

Yes, she picked Frisco poop bags! Her obsession with our poops is getting waaaaay out of paw! 

 There are 900 bags (plus 2 holders) in this box!  Now this just begs the question . . . is she trying to challenge us?  900 is a lot of poops butt if she wants to issue a challenge me and Stanley will do our part!  

We noticed that the bags were scented.  That's good cuz Stanley can really put out some foul poops!  Mine smell kinda good.  Stanley says they taste like chicken!

The box even has instructions.  That was good cuz after all we gotta test these babies!  Dad laughed when he read the directions cuz he said he has been doing it all wrong!  What??

He (and mom too) turns the bag inside out to begin with so when done the poop filled bag is not inside out.  Really?  See how obsessed they are?  That is weird!

The box was jammed full of poop bags!

Mom even weighed them.  They were empty hee . . . hee . . .

We did it in grams too for our furends across the pond and in Canada/

Finally we opened one.  Mom thought it looked very decorative with the flower and butterfly.  They're pretty big too!  That's big enough for Stanley!

So we asked mom, "How we were gonna test these poop bags?"  We asked her if we should run into the back yard and have a poop.  I didn't really need to poop at the moment but in the name of science I would give it my best shot.  

Mom said we would do a demonstration at the island in the kitchen, showing how to pick up the poops.  Me and Stanley said, "Yee haw, we're gonna poop in the kitchen!"  

Mom quickly said no one was pooping in the kitchen.  Now me and Stanley would NEVER poop in the kitchen BUTT we thought she wanted us to so apparently that window of opportunity has passed.  Rats!

 Then mom put her hand in the bag and picked up Murphy's private treat bottle.

Oh, so that was her plan to show how to pick up the poops.  Notice she did NOT start by turning the bag inside out.  Our pawrents take directions seriously!  The bag held the whole treat jar!

They were strong enough to hold 7 bananas!

Mom said there were so many poop bags in the box that we might explore other uses.

 The bags are supposed to be leak proof so mom put them to the test.

No leaks!  It passed!

So we think these are going to be good poop bags.  The only thing we did NOT test was whether or not the scent was strong enough to mask the stench of Stanley's poops.  It isn't a real strong scent so it might be overpowered by Stanley's poops, especially if they are really fresh.  We are planning on going for a run tomorrow (friday) so if Stanley poops we'll put them through the final test.

Please stand by . . . 

OK, we're back now.  We ran 5 miles when FINALLY Stanley said he would poop for science.

And he did . . . 

So dad pulled out the poop bag and put it to the ultimate test . . . 

Success!  It passed ALL our scientific testing!

So if you need poop bags, these will definitely do the job.  The scent is VERY light.  Unfortunately, Stanley's poops weren't as aromatic as usual (he said he did his best) so we can't say for certain if the scent would cover a strong odor.

If you are in the market for any pet product we suggest you check Chewy online.  They REALLY do have the best prices.  We're not just saying that either.  These dog waste bags can be found HERE.

Murphy & Stanley

This review has been brought to you courtesy of our pawticipation as a #ChewyInfluencer.  We were not paid for our endorsement but did receive the produce free of charge.


Robin + Christmas said...

Hot diggity, my mom should definitely use these! She usually has to stuff plastic bags into her pockets. Luckily I have the habit of waiting til AFTER my walks to do my business in a bush in my yard, which is where I am allowed to poop.

Noodles said...

OMP! OMP! We got those too! We already have the holder and then MS SYDNEY sent us some bags to review!!!! We are happy dancing all over the place.
Love Noodles

stellaroselong said...

This is a great review and so colorful also, all those flashing colors, and then we didn't know what the R rated stuff was that never bags, your mom and dad both did a great review, wow, bananas, treat bottle and water, those are better than the walmart bags mom uses.........the REAL wal mart bags. stella rose

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Now that is what can called as THOROUGH testing!!! Well done doodz... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

NanaNor's said...

You guys make me laugh! What a great review, even with the graphics. I saw those too, but we have trash cans with bags in our development, so decided to get something Hunter would like. Well done!
Noreen and Hunter

The Army of Four said...

I think this is our favorite product review of all time!!! Well done, fellas!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

That oopsie up there was me...logged in as Ma...good grief! And let me just say, my Ma has been scooping all wrong too! Who knew you weren't supposed to turn the bag inside out?!? That dog you two figured this all out and your scientific methods were unquestionable. Well done!

Cowspotdog said...

those are good sized bags - we always like our Arm & Hammer scented bags - they too are a good size

Millie and Walter said...

We can't believe your pawrents didn't get a treat for you to review. You sure did put those bags through a rigorous test though. Great job.

Molly the Airedale said...

Our mom was gonna choose these to review too but we BEGGED her to change her mind! Great review, guys! Now mom wishes she didn't listen to us!

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Just for the record, my Mama says she does NOT love our poops...especially not Bilbo's...on the KITCHEN floor...after he has danced in it....Maybe she needs to line the floor with these poop bags.

Those look like they will be PAWFECT for your upcoming wheelie house adventure!!
Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo (who gets to poop in the kitchen)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Tee hee hee,,,
love those poop pags! Love the color too

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song said...

Mommy bought us some of those but all we did was crap in them. She saws that is why we can't have nice things.

Charliedownunder said...

Crikey ..... that's the BEST review I've ever read. You blokes had me and Mum laughing our heads off. Mum particularly like the ingenuity of using them for other purposes. They do make pretty table mats, aye?? We get 'em free downunder. The council provides 'em.
We use 'em for a lot of things round here. Dad always carries water in 'em for me to have a drink at the beach so those scented ones wouldn't be too good, aye?? I don't think I'd like my water flavoured with perfume. Mmmmmmmmmm .... is anyone's poop as heavy as SEVEN bananas?? Maybe Rory's!!!!!!!!!

Ruby said...

OMD!!!! MA said she picked this too!!!!! What's up with THAT??!!! No delectable treaties??! pfffffft! Butts, she is eager to see if they hold up to MY poopies! She says, she's not sure....and she thinks she will have to double bag them, cause she doesn't like SEEING my deposit through the bags! (she usually uses the black bags just for this purpose! BOL) whatevers. I don't gots to carry it! BOL!!!! She got the unscented ones though, cause she says that perfumed bags just makes my poopies smell like flowered poopies!
Anyhu, enough abouts our poops!! What has my most HANDSOME STUD MUFFIN been doin' todays??!!! Waits, don't tell me now, waits til tonight and we can bark abouts it then....
YOur Fiance, the one that has been gettin' into mischief, butts has the most FABulous furs, Ruby ♥♥

sprinkles said...

I seriously considered ordering these bags to review! All I could think to post though was to show a picture of poop in the bag and say, "Yep, it works!" So we ordered something else instead. Your post was very creative! If Chewy offers this product for review in the future, I just might have to try them.

C.L.W.STEP said...

Wow! That was just like an infomercial! We think you described every aspect in detail.

We like to use the pooper scooper that was invented by a young boy who hated to pick up poop. You can tie a bag on the end so the poop goes right from the scooper to the bag. (Dad can never figure out how to tie the bag on properly) But you can't exactly take that thing on a walk!

We doggies often wonder why the humans are so obsessed with collecting our poop. It's nature's most biodegradable substance, and the humans put it in a plastic bag that will last eons in the garbage dump! haha! Just kidding!

Tails Around the Ranch said... does something right-she never turns the bag before scooping. I hope this doesn't go to her head though. 😀

M. K. Clinton said...

I cannot believe that your mom reneged on her offer for y'all to poop in the kitchen. What a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. BOL! Our mom and dad always save our poop too. They even go in the backyard and use a special shovel to collect it. They are sooo weird!

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello murphy and stanley its dennis the vizsla dog hay poop bags!!! an essenshul part of the hyooman yootility belt!!! i bet batman has a ton of them!!! ok bye

Wyatt said...

Great review. All us dogs and our owners need a sturdy poop bag!
Thanks for giving us the scoop on the poop bag!!
Wyatt and Tegan

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Your mom just got POOPS Bags to have YOU review... that is really CRAPPY... You should have gotten SNACKS instead... BAR... her from EVER doing ANYTHINGY fur you Again... She OBVIOUSLY had a Turd Crosswise when she told Miss Sydney to send THOSE... We think you should start HOWLING our mom has CaCa fur Brains... Sorry guys...
OMD you will be looking at THIS horror fur EVER... 900 Divided by TWO of you Pooping once per day... Daily... will be MORE bags than there are DAYS in a YEAR... At that rate you will not have these thingys ELIMINATED fur OVER a YEAR.... OMD OMD NOT RIGHT ... NOT RIGHT AT ALL !!!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

PLEASE... tell us that this is a JOKE... and that you are just Yankin our Walkin Strings... SHIRLEY your mom didn't DO DO this to you!!!

Scooter said...

Hey Doods!
Wow, looks like your peeps have the poops all under control now! BWAR HAR HAR Peeps and Poops. Sounds like a store name or a brand of somethingy. Fun to say too...peeps and poops peeps and poops peeps and poops. Yup, that's fun. BOL.
BTW: We have those same plates here in my house! Really. I've gotten to slurp up table scraps many times on that same fruit pattern.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Police Commish

lexitheschnauzer said...

I never knew anyone could make poop bags sound so interesting. Good job, guys.