Friday, August 1, 2014

Fitness Friday

You might already know that Fridays are special for me and Stanley cuz we get to go running with our pawrents!  They go WITHOUT us on the other days.  It is NOT fair butt mom says they go too far and it would take too long since we like to make stops make us too tired.  So we REALLY love our 6 mile runs on Fridays!  The bad thing is that mom is a klutz can't run and snap photos at the same time.  Sheesh . . . how can I write a post without photos?  So I took a few AFTER we finished our run today.

We drive down the hill and park the truck, then we start our run. The spot where we finish is right next to a big field.  So me and Stanley always look in the plants to see if there might be a critter hiding or something.  So far the only thing we have found is a duck and a goose.  I keep trying to catch them but mom pulls back on my string.  Sometimes she ruins my fun!

Then we come up to a clinic with nice grass.

Mom says this is our "rocky" finish . . . (Sometimes mom says dumb stuffs like that but I love her anyway.)

I never did pee on the bush, just next to it.  Stanley lifts his leg when we walk or run but otherwise we both are squatters.  See the (red) truck on the right side?  Almost time to relax!

I hope you get some exercise today.  It is very impawtent!

Murphy & Stanley

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  1. WE jumped on- Easy Peasy!

    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  2. OMD, that is one looooong run Doods! I'm not sure if I could run that far! I only walk half that! Wows, I guess I should gets more exercise if I'm gonna keep up with you Murphy! ☺
    I put my (nothin' to do with fitness) link on your "not really a Blog Hop, Blog Hop'!! hehehe
    Ruby ♥
    Cherry Bomb!

  3. We grabbed the code too and now it shows on our blog too!!!!

  4. Our mom can never figure out the blog hop code thingies.
    Cam and I are exercise fans, too! Something about what a one-year old puppy might get into if the edge isn't taken off... I have no idea what that means. All I know is Mom and Dad and Cam make sure I get tons of exercise and I LOVE IT!
    "Rocky finish". Ha roo roo roo. I like that one.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  5. Gosh, if you're not allowed to stop and sniff things, going for a run sounds almost as bad as when Gail tried to get me to tun alongside her bicycle. I can tell you she gave up trying to get me to do that pretty quickly.
    Toodle pip!

  6. Sammer J. Simpson was a squatter too and so was Zeus, and they were both great!!!
    We linked up.
    stella rose

  7. Good run Doods! You are all very fit! MOL MOL squatters. That was funny
    Madi your bfff

  8. Looks like a great run. Lee and the Man have been doing a little running and she loves it!

  9. That's a fantastic run..worth the week's wait. SHE is threatening to leave us at home for HER early morning walk...SHE says we stop too much and SHE has to drag us along sometimes. Sheesh! SHE has NO IDEA about the finer points of a walk.

    SHE's hoping Dui will be a squatter, too.

  10. keeping fit and healthy is so important and you are great advocates for that :)

  11. THAT was a super RUN... even if it did have a ROCKY ENDING... haaa your mom is so FUNNY.
    We sometimes Squat... THAT is fine... it is better fur keepin NOSY ones from reading your PRIVATE Pee Mails... Just sayin.

    PeeS... we hopped on the Linky thingy from Mr. Bailey and Greta and Hazel's place... and it works like a Prince Charming.

  12. Hari OM
    Crikey doods, I is exhaustipated just reading this....I does the exercising in my little grey cells. As you see I had no trubs signing on here... but did you want us to put link-chains onto our own bloggies too? I can do that...just seeking confirmos..... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  13. Okay guys let me just say this...SIX MILES?!?!?!?! Holy moly!! That is an incredible run. Bentley and I don't walk that far all week! We are sooooo impressed! He is also a sniff walker and a squatter. I could go to the copy the linky page, it looks like the one we use for the Pet Parade.

  14. Good run, Doods! have a great weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  15. I always wanna chase joggers so momma thought maybe I wanted to jog. She tried it wif me. It lasted about a block and a half. I are more into walkin, dat joggin stuff are not for me.

  16. Its quite amazing to all of us that you can go 6 miles!! You are all awsome!
    I cannot go very far--- moms just happy I can do walking in the house,,,, !

  17. Crikey ..... Mum doesn't understand those blog hop thingies so when she saw this was an experiment she hopped aboard to see if she could. She did it on the Idaho pug ranch post and it showed up here too. S'pose that's what's supposed to happen but she doesn't understand why there's a garbage bin next to my name. Does that mean I'm garbage?????????????????
    I'm a squatter too. Mum would like me to be a cocker because I ALWAYS seem to pee on my front leg!!!!

  18. I know I should have taken my boys out for a bit of exercise today. Rather than admitting that I was too lazy, I'm using the excuse that it was just too hot. :(

    I used to have a female fox terrier who always lifted her leg when she peed. I don't remember her ever squatting.

  19. LOL doods you are fit indeed. My peeps no way could keep up with you. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  20. You are both crazy running doodles! I love to walk but RUN .... no,no,no Puggys like me do not run, we waddle at pace but I am super proud of you guys for keeping fit and running with your peeps! It looks like you had a great time, you both look really happy and as for stopping to pee and sniff things you are totally doing your pawrents a favour, you are letting them have a little rest and catch their breath! Way to go doodle dudes! Love and Licks from your furiend Frank XxxxxxxxX

  21. Oh can I join you next friday? It's boring to run with my mom, she runs like a onelegged duck. Have a super fit friday and a woohoonderful weekend!

  22. you're so lucky you get to run with your peeps. Mine are so unfit they are puffed out after 10 secs LOL

  23. Thank you for your encouraging and uplifting words!

    Lily Belle, Muffin & Mommy Kim

  24. Hi Guys, it's so great that you are keeping up your exercise. And your pawrents must be in the BEST shape! Samson's a squatter too. I never had a male dog squatter before, good to know he's not alone. Down the line, too tired now, but later, I may ask your mom about her sister. Good to see you two again.

  25. Wow you two must be super fit doods. Sometimes the dad likes to run with Axel but me I have my own speed ... Scout speed and it suits mama just find.

  26. How did the blog hop that isn't a blog hop go? Did it work? Sorry we're late. Jan is a computer HOG!


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