Friday, August 8, 2014

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

As part of the MANY preparations me and Stanley made to start off our mayoral campaign, we had our official portrait taken.  This is a serious thingie so we wanted to look very business-like and very sophisticated.  Of course that is especially hard for Stanley to do cuz he has a giant clown smile on his face most of the time.  But since this was serious business and we wanted to show how smart and responsible we really are, so we pulled out all stops and got all dressed up.

We hope you like the picture.  We had mom on her cell phone a pawfessional photographer take it.

But just because we are running for such a prestigious office does not mean we lost touch with our inner Doodles.  I don't think that is even pawsible!  So when our furiend Ranger invited us to his Batman Pawty, we were quick to say "YES"!  And since we still had mom and her cell phone the pawfessional photographer, we asked her to take our Bat Pics.

Now you just need to pop over to Ranger's place and check out his fantastic Bat Pawty!  Of course our band Bad Dawg Agency will be playing!

Murphy & Stanley
Mayorz For All Paws


  1. Hari OM
    Doods you just totally cut the mustard with your bow-ties; very pawfessionable for sure............. as for the lycra 'n' capes? I is speechless... Blogville could do worse than elect the bat-boys for office. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Looking batastic guys. Gonna be checking it all out. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You look great! With two superheros like you we all can sleep well tonight! oh btw: can I hire you to solve the problem with my 87 new neighbors?

  4. It's been such a big week leading up to yesterdays announcement, the bat pawty is just the thing to blow off some steam! See you doods there!!!

    B H & G

  5. OMD Doods... your PAWfessional Camp Pain Photograph is GRRRREAT.

    and speaking of GRRRREAT... the BDA is doing a FANGtastic job with the BATMAN theme Song. You are rockin the ol' Batcave with it. Biff POW Zapppppp This Bat Pawty is the BOMB..

  6. Your official portrait is perfect!
    Lily & Edward

  7. You look like very respectable doods for sure....we appreciate your mom's photography skills to the max.....see you at the party.....maybe you can get your driver under control....he is looking for the batmobiles keys....
    stella rose

  8. Bravo BAT doods!! You are looking mighty fine in those tights too....Just sayin'
    Hugs madi your favorite Bat/Cat

  9. Diva Shasta here - Now where'd that Easy run off tue? He PAWMISED me a dance!

  10. Oh, MY, are you two handsome!!! And you make a fantastic dynamic duo!

  11. Okays, you Doods look SO HANDSOME in your bow ties and fine furs!
    Ma didn't do my pic in time for the Bat Pawty, so i thinks I'm gonna try and crash it!!! hehehe
    See you there....I can't miss a minute of the BDA's sets!!!
    Ruby ♥

  12. You guys look grreat in BOTH pictures!

  13. You guys scrub up well.....shoot, you ALWAYS look handsome! See you at the pawty.

  14. It is a wonderful portrait!
    You also make a great dynamic duo!

  15. Your mom is an excellent photographer - y'all look so professional like. Everyone seems to be having a ton of fun at the Bat Cave pawty.

  16. Crikey ..... we Aussies sure think alike, aye?? Bella, Roxy and Dui beat me to it but I was also going to say ... 'You blokes sure scrub up well' !!!!!!!! How funny is that? The handsome bit goes without saying really?? Have fun at the party!! It's rockin', aye??

  17. Hey,, I see you at the bat cave!!

    And love your professional photo!

  18. What a couple of cute doodles I have as opponents!

  19. I hate that we missed the big Batman bash! I have got to get my secretary to write things on my calendar! Your photographer did a great job!

  20. Great picture, doods. We thinks your the most handsomest doods in the entire bloggyville. Your pawfessional photo looks amazing.


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