Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ug Oh . . .

 Monday night was our last school night, so next week we have our finals.

For our finals we have to do 5 tricks.  I got that, I can do more than 5 of them.  Then we have to go to our mat and stay for 10 seconds.  Although I do not like doing this, for 10 seconds I will do it just to make mom happy.

The last thing is a 1 minute down-stay IN A GROUP!!!  Yikes!!  I am in Big, Big, Big trouble!

When we are in a group all I can do is stare at this dog Bif.  You see Bif is this giant Bull Dog and Rottweiler cross, or something like that, and he has these big you-know-whats.  Yup, I have NO you-know-whats and he has 2 and they are big and I cannot take my eyes off him!  I mean I really am not sure what you-know-whats really are . . .  they just mesmerize me!!  The distraction is terrible!  Oh, what ever will I do???



  1. I'm sure you do just great on the test Murphy. But maybe just to be on the safe side your Momma could put blinders on you, kind of like a horse, so you won't notice Bif's giant you know whats! LOL!

  2. Oh no! Not BIG you-know-whats! Good luck to you, I am sure you can do it!!

  3. We are sure you will do well Murphy. Our paws are crossed for you, just don't look at the big you know whats. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I have every confidence in you Murphy. You will do great. Remember those things ARE NOT tennis balls and are not for playing or staring. Think of them as something else you would not want to see. Remember you are going to do GREAT!!!!!!

  5. We know you are going to be in an A student
    Benny & Lily

  6. OMD, I read this when I first woke up and couldn't stop giggling!!! Hahaha! I've never had this problem before, but maybe you could sit as far away from Bif as possible? I'm sure you will kick tush even with Bif and his bits in your way!! :-D

  7. Oh Muwphy
    What a tewwibull conundwum. I just know you awe a soopew good student and know you can pass wif flying colows, if only that Bif would weaw some undew weaw..pawhaps you could talk to his Mom
    smoochie good luck kisses

  8. Maybe you can make sure you and Bif have some other dogs between you. That way maybe you wouldn't notice him so far away.

    Good luck.

    Cindy & Millie

  9. Maybe you could pretend they're cotton balls? Not so intimidating then, eh?

    Good luck!

    Happy seeing beautiful!
    Lydia @ See Beautiful

  10. Youz will do just fine..Big what???? Youz make my 50 sound like Mill'z and Boon..bol ( wink wink too young ! )At my clazz, wez do no tricks and I nose lots..All it iz, iz Sit n Stay..so boring :( xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  11. Good luck on your final! I know, they are nerve racking :)

  12. OH NO.... not the BIG YOU KNOW WHATS DISTRACTION TEST... THAT One is the WORSTEST... BUTT MURPHY... You can DO IT... YOU CAN DO IT... Just think about how those thingys SLOW him Down. Think of them as Dead Weight. That will get you through. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  13. Hey Murphy.... I know another one... think of them as being a bunch of FEATHERS... Picture THAT... Bright Colored FEATHERS... and You will not have to worry about anythingy... except LAFFIN your Tail off. Pink Yellow ORANGE and PURPLE FEATHERS... Got it buddy???

  14. You can do it!! Try to focus on the treats you're gonna get when you pass! Or focus on how tasty those tacos were the other day!!!

  15. I hear you buddy. It's really hard doin stuff in skool when there is so much to look at!! I also get easily distracted. You just gotta focus on the treat at the end my furiend.

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  16. First of all, I love your hair cut!!!! And I am sure you will do well in the tests. Just remember it is rude to stare so stay focussed, hehe.

    I love looking at your face. You remind me a lot of my dog. Similar colour and size. Same round eyes and cheeky smile. Just so heart-warming. I am getting better day by day.

    I'll be back,

    1. Glad you are felling better, continue in that direction. Oh, about the haircut . . . mom used a picture that was taken a couple months ago. I told her it was cheating!


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