Friday, October 5, 2012

Move It!

 Today was a fun day because our girl grand peep came over to play with us. Mom and dad picked her up from school (kindergarten) and she spent the afternoon with us. Carly used to be really scared of us but she has gotten to know us good enough now that she realizes we are great fun!
Carly giggled as me and Stanley kept giving her puppy kisses.
She wasn't scared at all.  After we attacked her she'd stand up and say "Come on boys" and have us follow her somewhere.
She thought it was funny that me and Stanley have stairs along side the bed and get up on our own.

We wrestled with her on the bed.

Now I have to say a few words about where we are going tomorrow (Saturday).  You know that 5 mile walk a couple weeks ago that we did with our peeps and people from our church?  Well, it turned out that it wasn't a one-time-only deal and we are going on another section of the same trail tomorrow!  So we have been resting up since Monday for another 5 mile walk.  Some friends have been surprised that we can walk so far.  Yes, it is very far but we have been doing a lot of walking ever since we were real young!  We knew when we came to live with mom and dad that one day we would go running with them.  We can't do much running until our growth plates close so in the meantime, we all do a lot of walking.  Mom and dad say that God created our bodies to move and so that is what we all do!
This is a part of the trail that we are going on tomorrow.  This picture was taken last October.  Although the leaves are changing mom says they probably won't have changed as much as this picture.

This is mom running the trail last year.  Next year we will get a picture of me and Stanley running with mom and dad!
We will get some pictures tomorrow.  So in the meantime, we all hope that everyone will take their pups for a nice long walk and enjoy our beautiful autumn!



Finn said...

Wow oh wow, enjoy that walk tomorrow! We are looking forward to seeing some pictures!!

GOOSE said...

Puppy kisses, oh they are the best. Looks like you two had a fine time with the grand peep. And tomorrow will be great. I can't go cuz MOM has to work. I told her I could go by myself, but she said maybe next time. Enjoy your walk tomorrow!!

Berts Blog said...

Boy that looks like it is going to be a great walk/run. WE missed you last night on our walk but it is probably good you didn't come cause I know you would have wanted to swim and My Vickie says that I really STINK today because of the swim yesterday.

Anyway Have a fun fun time.

harrispen said...

I'm so glad your grand peep has learned that puppy kisses are wonderful. You three sure had a good time.


Cotton said...

Lucky Carly isn't scared of you'll, or she'd be missing out!

Jazzi said...

Arent the grand peeps so much fun?? Plus they drop foodables, im just saying..... Have fun on that pretty walk!!

Jazzi and Addi

Molly The Wally said...

Have a super Saturday and a really fun walk. We hope you have good weather sunny and nice and cool.
Best wishes Molly

Anonymous said...

Woohoo another hike! With all the Fall colors it should be stunning! Glad your gran gal isn't scared of yaz anymore and you get to play together :)

Waggin at ya,

Mr. Pip said...

My human sissy is about the same age! Aren't they fun to play with!

Your pal, Pip

Kathy said...

You lucky pups! A munchkin to wrestle with AND a nice long walk!
Have fun on your walk, with lots of sniffs, fresh air and friends!
PS Thank you for your comment.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Murphy, Loved seeing you and Stanley playing with your grandpeep. We had two of our over for the night, last night, and Hunter was having such fun with them. Did you know he jumps up on the beds just fine but won't jump into the car? Glad you get to go hiking today; we had obedience training outside and it was snowing(not much but enough to make us cold). It is in the low 30's here so we are staying inside where it's warm.
Wags, Noreen & Hunter

Bassetmomma said...

what a fun day with Carly!! It looks like she can't get enough of your guys kisses now! :)

Sankissjuice said...

Love seeing you two 'attack' the little girl. I used to be afraid of doggies and kitties too, can you believe it? Up till I was 20 years old, haha.

Yes, you just reminded me, I need to move and exercise. Would love to see you run miles and miles with your peeps.

Love and kisses,