Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We're In BIG Trouble!!!

 OK friends, before you read about this in the newspapers or see it on 60 Minutes, we want to tell you our side of it.  You see, we're teenagers now.  We're going to be 7 months old pretty soon!  And you know how teenagers test limits and experiment with things they aren't supposed to.  Well, it seems we are no exception. What started it all was when Stanley got tall enough to reach for dad's truck keys.  He grabbed them off the hook and said, "Come on Murphy, let's go to the park!"

So I am ashamed to say I was a bit excited to do something so forbidden but I followed him and jumped into the passenger side of the truck and made myself comfortable on mom's seat.

Then, before I knew what was happening, Stanley whipped out a beer!  At first I was shocked but then I let him talk me into trying it.

Stanley started drinking before we even got out of the driveway!

So then he put on his cap, started the engine and barked, "Let's go bro . . . it's party time!"

I knew no good could come from this but I just kept on drinking my beer.

Pretty soon I started feeling woozy and got really sleepy.   

I really don't remember what happened after that.  The next thing I knew was Dad opened the driver side door.  I woke up and Stanley was passed out.  We got in a lot of trouble!  Now we are grounded and sentenced to do community work for 37 years!

We are so sorry that we made such dumb decisions.  Especially since after we got into the house and mom washed all the beer off us she found out we both had matching tattoos of cats on our paws!  It must have been one crazy night but we learned our lesson!!

Murphy & Stanley


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD OMD.... I am NOT letting ERNIE see THIS.
I can't believe it. tsk tsk TSK...

OMD OMD... you got CAT TATs??????????????????
Cool dudes... Cool Drool! OH no.. furget I said that... Shame SHAME SHAME..

Anonymous said...

You guys are a two man riot, you been hanging out with Puddles?

Susie & Bites

Finn said...

A DUI already?!?! Oh nooooo, oh nooooo!!! Even though you're grounded, you'll still be blogging, right? :)

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Wow, sounds like y'all had fun!

GOOSE said...

Was puddles pasted out in the bed of the truck?? CAT tattoos? Oh no! OK boys next time you feel like ya gotta pawty it up, give me a call and I'll drive ya so you don't get in trouble or hurt.

Mason the Dog's Mom said...

BOLLLLLL You makes me laugh. Could you have your mom email my mommy? She wants to discuss toy options for you guys since you WON my contest!!! Congrats!!

PS let mommy know if your mommy needs her email again

Shawn said...

OMD, the Boys Are Out Of Control!
Drinking, taking the truck, tattoos.....Oh My Dogness!!

Hey, call me next time..I make a mean Mawtooni!!

Your furiend,

Two French Bulldogs said...

thank goodness you weren't driving
Benny & Lily

The Cat From Hell said...

Dudes! Yous was the life of the Cat From Hell meetings!

sprinkles said...

OMD, you must've been really out of it to agree to cat tats! Thank goodness you didn't get pulled over by the Pup Police!

Jazzi said...

WOW who knew that you two would even do that??? But...cat tatoos?? Really?? BOL BOL
Least you only have to do community service for 37 yrs and not 87 yrs!!


A Day In The Life Of A Goose said...

Ah hahahaha...that's too funny! You should have either stolen (ok, borrowed) the car OR drank the beer, maybe then you would have only gotten 15 years! :-D

Molly The Wally said...

BOL funny guys. I did that with the slug beer so I guess you had a very good snooze. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Cotton said...

You two are real bad boys!!! Scooch over, I'm joining you'll!!
Woofs and beers

Reuben said...

Well, at least it no was 87 years. If you looks at it that way, 37 years no is that bad! Oh, and next time you does that, please come to my house and pick me up. Just put "Reuben" into your GPS!


Sarge said...

Hey Murphy & Stanley!
Wow, bad dogs, bad dogs. BOL, actually that's pretty funny and I think every teenager has to do this at least once. Maybe get a "I heart Mom" tat to try to smooth things over! BOL. Well, maybe not. I'm just glad I didn't have to pull you over...
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Bassetmomma said...

Oh you bad boys!! Thank goodness Fred hasn't had a taste for the beer and partying yet! LOL!

Murray's Mouth said...

Oooo crazy boys! Boys will be boys! ;) Glad you're safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

BOL! Hope the tats are of the temporary variety ;)

Waggin at ya,