Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fun Things

 Friday, me and Stanley went to the fort to have fun with our friends.  When we are there, wonderful things happen.  We play, we swim and best of all - we get really, really, really, dirty! I also get to see my hero Bert.  And another bestest thing is that Goose's mom throws the ball and I get to chase it with Bert!  Goose's mom has the best pitching arm in the universe!  I can't help it, when she throws the ball I go crazy and jump for joy!

It isn't just me, all the dogs know she has a great pitching arm.  We talk about it all the time.  We are going to nominate her to the Ball Hall of Fame as soon as we can type up the letter.  When she starts winding up her arm, we all stop and pay attention!

Another good thing that happens is something Stanley wants to keep a secret:  He has a crush on Baci!  She is not only beautiful but has a great personality!

 Anyway, just to show you how much fun we have, we made a video for you.  We hope you like it:

On Saturday, me and Stanley went to the Doodle Clubhouse for a looooong time.  We never stay there for a long time but this time we did!  We were suspicious when mom and dad didn't come back in an hour or two.  When they did come back, they were all dirty!  They were also tired.  Me and Stan thought they went to the fort without us but mom told us they went on a hike to the top of Ben Lomond Peak, over 9,000 feet!  I asked if she was sure they didn't really go to the fort.  She promised they did not and then she showed me some pictures to prove it.  She said when me and Stanley get big we can go there too but it is 16 miles and we aren't ready for that distance yet.  She is right, that is a very long way!

Mom says there isn't much shade on the hike.

But the view is so beautiful!

Dad stopped to chat with others.  Nine people went on the hike.

There are lots of rocks, mom says that is why her feet hurt.
Mom took a picture of dad on top of the mountain.

After mom and dad got rested up, they said they needed to talk to us about our trip to swim in the ocean.  Together we all decided that we should leave later this week so dad called and made reservations at an RV camp.  It is right by the ocean and a redwood forest.  Me and Stanley are so excited!  We hope everybody had a fun weekend and is watching all the excitement on the Blogville Olympics!


PS - Today's Blogville Olympic events are:  Mayzie hosting Camera Avoidance Tae Kwon Do and Rubie hosting Equestrian


GOOSE said...

Hey guys! I do love going to the Fort with you two. And Murphy I am still stunned at how FAST you are. Give you a couple more months and you will beat Bert to the ball. In fact I remember you did once on Friday!! Stanley, I agree with you that Baci is a beauty.
For some reason the video did not play. It said an error occured and to try again later. I will try again. But I was there so I know what happened.
And yea my MOM can throw a ball, can't she? Gotta love a MOM that can zing them way out there.

Murphy said...

We hope the video will work.

The Cat From Hell said...

Wow! Goose's Mom has so many talents! And you are getting to go to the ocean! Wow! That sounds like fun!
Kozmo at the Cat From Hell

Berts Blog said...

Oh Little Murphy buddy I am gonna miss you two on our walk this Friday. I gotta say, you amaze me every time Goose mom pitches that ball into the air and I run after it, you are close behind. I swear you are gonna be as fast as me in no time. I was even impressed when you got the ball from me that time too.
I hope you have a wonderful time at the ocean. I have never been there but maybe, one day....
Love you

Molly The Wally said...

What a time you all had. So much fun. We love it when you get down and get dirty. Glad your weekend was good. Have a great Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Kathy said...

Cool idea to go to the ocean and the redwoods in an RV!
If you come a little bit north into OR, it is very cool at the ocean in Cape Blanco where we are RVing!
I would LUV to meet you 2!
Have fun and enjoy your vacation!
Thanks for hosting the Chewing Marathon, too! Great pics!
Cyber belly rubs,
The Doodle Lover

NanaNor's said...

I love seeing these of you guys playing with your buddies. You are such wonderful friends and I know everyone just loves it when you're around. Such a well balanced pack! The photos of the mountains were pretty too. I'm wondering what beach/redwoods your mom & dad are going to. We used to live near some in Ca.
Have a fun filled day.
Wags, Noreen & Hunter

KSO said...

The fort looks super fun! Have fun with your friends :)