Monday, February 20, 2012

Puppy Supplies Investigation Results

 Mom told my regular person lady that she and Dad have been shopping for puppy supplies.  I'm not sure what she's talking about because the only thing I need is some milk from my birth mother and a cozy place to sleep.  My needs are pretty simple.  I asked the Stanleys if they had any idea what she was talking about and they didn't know either.  So we've had to do some further investigation to see what this "puppy supplies" thing was all about.

Holy mackerel!  Our new Mom and Dad must be crazy!  They sure like to play with toys!  I'm not sure what all of this is but the Stanleys said it's stuff that squeaks, stuff that rolls, things that are fetched, and things to chew on.  Huh?  Chew?  Oh, now that is sounding interesting!  I was worried about those toothbrushes I saw in the picture the Stanleys got, but they said that it was for a few months from now and that we wouldn't have to worry about it right away.  Whew - that was a close call!

 As I understand it, all the toys go in a toy box and it all belongs to me and one of the Stanleys!  Wow!  I am a lucky pup!  But I kind of feel sorry for the Stanley that doesn't get picked because that sure looks like a fun toy box.
 Wow - look at that bed!  I don't know how the Stanleys got these pictures but I have to say I am loving how soft and cozy that bed is looking.  I think it might be a king size!  Stanley and I are going to love snuggling up on that bed!

 Oh, wait, we each get our own bed?  Right now I share a bed  with the two Stanleys and a bunch of girls.  We have 4 sisters.  Us guys rule the blanket though because girls are dumb.
 Our toy box is sitting next to the grandfather clock . . . just waiting for us.
 Wait a minute, what is this?  I checked with the Stanleys to be sure this photo belonged in our file and they said it did.  I'm not sure what these are for but I guess mom told someone that we needed to be in these "car seats" when we take trips because it's safer than running around and getting our heads stuck in the steering wheel.  She said me and Stanley could share one for awhile but when we got big we'd want our own.  I suppose she's right.  I also heard she bought a baby gate.  I'm not sure what that is but I suppose me and the lucky Stanley will find out.
I think when me and Stanley move to our forever home with Mom and Dad we're gonna have a lot of fun.  We can't wait until we're old enough to make the trip to North Ogden.

Murphy & The Stanleys

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Sherri said...

Love your blog, you are clearly excited and I'm not sure how your going to last till March :). Happy for you guys