Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Detective Report

The Stanleys got another report from the detective they hired.  Really, I am wondering where they got the money because we are still very little puppies and my pockets are empty.  But sometimes it is best not to ask questions.  I'm so curious about our life with our forever mom and dad that just listen with my ears wide open to find out everything I can.

The report didn't have much in it but it did say that mom is setting up a play date with Scruffy Waddell.  It included a background check on Scruffy and it appears that he is an adult male Cockapoo.  The report included references from people who know Scruffy and they all say he is an older, very gentle and loving dog.  Since we never met our birth father we're excited to meet a full grown male dog!  The detective snapped a photo of Scruffy.  I can't wait until we grow some more and finally meet Mom, Dad and Scruffy!



Berts Blog said...

Hi Murphy, I just heard about you and Stanley and had to come over and read all about you. My Buddy Goose told me about you and I have another buddy named Murphy who is a golden doodle too and I am gonna tell him about you.

I am excited to know you both and very excited to watch you grow up and see what you do with your lives. It already looks and sounds like you are in for a great ride.

Take care

Ellen said...

Wow Murphy - just think - it's less than a month until your "new" life with your forever people. I happen to know that you can expect that it will be beyond your wildest dreams. See, I know them and I know what a happy, warm and comfortable home they will make for you and whichever Stanley.
Your Friend, Ellen