Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today I was minding my own business and my regular person lady put me in a bowl.  I heard of bowling before but I never thought I'd be doing it.  After all, I'm just over 2 weeks old!  I must have done a good job though because she took my picture and sent it to my new people who I will live with next month.  I think I'll call them Mom and Dad.  My regular person lady said they already love me!  My new Mom must like to bowl too because she thinks I look very handsome bowling.  I think she's crazy about me! 
 Just when I thought I was the only bowler in the litter, one of the Stanleys got picked up and he was bowling too.  I guess this must be a team sport.  My Mom and Dad were trying to figure out if this Stanley was number one or two.  Mom thinks it's #1 and Dad thinks it's #2.   They are confused.  I'm glad they know which one of us is Murphy!
 The second Stanley joined our bowling team too.  I was starting to worry that everyone was going to be on the team but after the other Stanley, no one else went bowling.
Bowling was fun but it really tired me and the Stanleys out.  We need a nap.  It takes a lot of energy to grow into a playful puppy.


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