Friday, February 17, 2012

Changes Are Coming

Last night some new people came over to touch us.  We opened our eyes a couple times to look at them and after talking with Stanley we are positive they have never been around here before.  They seem nice and the lady people held me real close and talked real softly as she stroked me.  She stroked me and both my other brothers.  We really liked it but pretended that we didn't.  The man people seems nice too but he didn't stroke us since the regular people said they didn't want us handled too much since we were such tiny babies.  After the people left, we heard the regular people talking and they said that we are going to live with the new man and lady people.  We're not sure when this is supposed to happen because we don't know what March 23rd means.  Frankly I'm a little worried about it but it makes me feel better knowing that Stanley and I will be going together.  But I think it will probably be okay because when the new lady people was holding and stroking me it made me feel real warm and fuzzy inside.  And I think I was making her feel warm and fuzzy too.


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