Monday, September 7, 2015

Little Wheelie House

This is the story of our Little Wheelie House.  When mom posted on Facebook that they were going to sell it, people started jumping like crazy!  People were willing to come from Arizona, Texas, and Kentucky.  There were 2 local people who wanted it too.  So the first one is from Arizona and we are waiting for them to work out the work schedules and child care so they can come get it.  

In the meantime, our pawrents have visited like 87 dealerships and looked at 10 million trailers. They had one they liked and thought that one was "IT" but then realized me and Stanley needed more floor space.  Mom says it is a trade off between space and the willingness to pull a long trailer.  Our Little Wheelie House is 24 feet (plus another 3 feet for hitch). The probable new one is 2 feet longer but it has a long (3') slide that is equivalent to 2 slides.  The couch and dinette are the long slide.

The first photo just shows the style of freestanding table and chairs that will go in ours, instead of the booth-type table that is shown in the photos.  All the other stuff in the photos (flooring, fabric pattern, etc. is the same as what we will have).

Since I have my own barking window at home I think this will make an excellent barking window.  I can bark out the giant window or be more discrete and bark out the side windows.

This is where mom can prepare our treats.  OK, who are we kidding?  This kitchen will probably never get used other than the microwave and fridge.

This shows that there is a door to the bathroom & bedroom off the kitchen and living space.

This kind of shows that there is ample wrestling room on the floor for me and Stanley.  Plus, it is long enough I can do a little indoor fetching.  Remember the booth will be a table & chairs in ours.

The dinette area.  I will also be able to stand on the table to use this as a secondary barking window,  I like having options.

This is the couch where Stanley will take naps.  At night we'll sleep with mom and dad but this will suffice during the daytime.

A view of my main barking window and the relationship to the couch.  This shows the openness where we will spread our toys and then wrestle after supper.

This is a queen size bed where me and Stanley will sleep.  Our pawrents can put a blanket on the little night stands under the closets and curl up there. Is that the most stupid looking headboard you have ever seen?  Mom said it was OK if we chewed it off the wall.

For some reason mom is giddy about this.  It is a linen closet in the bathroom. You can see the tip of the toilet at the very bottom.

A bad photo of the shower.

The bathroom sink (to the right of the shower).  Dad says he will have to learn to shave left handed.

So there you have it, our probable new wheelie house.  Our pawrents are working with the salesman to get everything ready so when it is time to order it, they have it ready to go (having sorted out options, etc.).  There is a RV show in 2 weeks that might offer additional incentives.  If they make the deal sweeter they will order it at the RV show.  Otherwise, they will not order it until late November cuz mom says they can delay paying on taxes if they don't withdraw the money to pay for it until after January 1st.  So in the meantime, me and Stanley are suffering without a wheelie house!

Murphy & Stanley


  1. Hari OM
    My word that is travelling in sstyylllleeee! I think it will pay you to have patience doodz - that is one plush couch awaiting you &*> Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. OMD! I want a Wheelie House so bad!! You two are the luckiest dawgs ever! I cannot wait until you get your new wheelie house.
    P.S. Blogville Tours page, Number 2...spread the word. It's ready!

  3. That's beautiful inside! And so much room to bark out the windows and patrol for foodables coming out of the kitchen. You will love it. You paw-rents made a great choice!

    Abby Lab

  4. Wow! All that inside a little wheelie house? That's great!

  5. I'm deep impressed... that's the pawfect rolling headquarter for the mayors of blogville. I totally love it. Such a crib on wheels is pawsome and I'm happy with you that it is yours soon! woohoo!

  6. We wanna go AR ing with you!! We won't take up to much room.

    Happy Labor Day....... Mommy's girls

  7. Hey! That wheelie house is nicer than my no-wheelie house! *ear licks* Noodle

  8. I love it, but want to know if it is a trailer, fifth wheel or Class C RV? I know you'll have wonderful adventures in it! We will have to wait a year or two before we can begin looking-have to pay hubby's car off first.
    You know what I liked best(all right I like it all)about your new home on wheels is that it has a bathroom and a bed. Since I get up at night, I hate camping where I have get dressed to walk to the bathrooms a million miles away. It will be fun to see when you guys get yours. Remember boys, share with your parents.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  9. Whoa!! I'm so impressed! Dat house looks purrfect to me!

  10. Good heaven what splendid accommodation. (Especially the queen sized bed for you guys!) By my thinking, there is plenty of room for you to invite some pals from the dog park to join you on your travels. No need to ask Mom and Dad's permission first - I'm sure they'll agree.
    Toodle pip!

  11. That looks like a super sweet wheelie house. Our mom is jealous. She wishes she could convince our dad to get one but he says no way.

  12. YoW, Doods! your new wheelie house looks pawsome! we hope your folks can get everything sorted to what they, er, we mean you pups want. does this mean no adventuring until the new wheelie house arrives? yow...

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie

  13. We think your wheelie house is bigger than our everyday house! Bwahaahaa! We're glad that the pawrents yielded to more dog room...

  14. Wow! Now THAT'S the way to travel!!!

  15. we love it !!! you guys are going to have so much fun exploring in this and doing it in comfort :)

  16. We have a few neighbors that have RV's. They love them. We hope that you come our way and stop to see us.

  17. VERY Nice!!!!!! Almost all the comforts of home!! You will really enjoy have all that room when you are traveling
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  18. We LOVED the House on Wheels - it was Most Excellent! (We don't travel very much now so Mom and Dad sold it, but we look forward to the time when we get another one!) We think you boys will have a ball!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  19. OMD!!!!! OMD!!!!!! OMD!!!!! THAT IS FABULOUS!!!!! I am SOOOOOO jealous!!!!! (and so is Ma, btw...she's always wanted a wheelie house!!!!) I am gonna dream of you tonights barkin' out the windows of that amazin' wheelie house and me answering you from the Stars above...
    Okays, I got to do it now....see you in abouts 10 minutes..I gots to make myself all pretty...☺
    Your Boo Ruby ♥♥♥
    Cherry Bomb!!!

  20. That is posh!!!! Compared to our little wheelie house, it is luxurious and spacious. Wowzers. I guess the mayorz need to travel in style!!!!!!!!!!! You all are going to have so much fun in that wheelie house!

  21. Wowsers!! Sounds like a great probable wheelie house with ample dood room!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  22. So you can drive your wheelie house down here to the bayou and we can play! Woo Hoo! Road trip!

  23. So you can drive your wheelie house down here to the bayou and we can play! Woo Hoo! Road trip!

  24. Wow...nice. I'd love to see some outside pictures too

  25. Wow.... dat is a great wheelie house. Looks like you can throw a grrrrrrrreat pawty in dar.

  26. That wheelie house sounds great!!! Now you will be able to come down to Tucson in the middle of winter (like other snowbirds) and visit--bol

  27. WOW, you're sure going to have a beeYOUtiful wheelie house when it's ready! That's pawesome.

  28. OMD!!! that's nicer than our freakin' condo!!!!! Damn! I should get one! It's gorgeous!

  29. Looks pretty sweet. Geee maybe i should ride with you guys to the BAR lol



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