Friday, September 4, 2015

A Call, A Dance & A New Wheelie House

Madi called us on the "red phone" in the mayor's office.  That is a special phone that ONLY former mayors have the number for so you know it is an impawtent call.  It even scared us to hear it ring!

It turned out she just was worried that we fell off the earth or something!  Isn't Blogville wonderful? We assured her we were fine but our pawrents were up to mischief!  This Little Wheelie House business is far from over!  But that is for later.  On to other impawtent things . . .

OMD!  Did you hear the big news?  There's gonna be a dance called a Sadie Hawkins dance on October 1st, hosted by Dory.  Now anyone who knows Dory knows she KNOWS how to throw a pawty so we are pawsitive it is gonna be a blast!  And you KNOW what it means when it is called Sadie Hawkins right?  It means the girls gotta ask the boys!  Yup!  So you girls better pick out a fella and get asking!  And you fellas who are available better start leaving hints around so the girls will know it!

OK, now I will tell you this about the Little Wheelie House business.  As you remember, our pawrents cancelled our next trip and said they were selling our Little Wheelie House that took us on many adventures.  This was a disaster cuz me and Stanley were planning on taking it to the BAR in June!

Well as it turns out, they are buying another Little Wheelie House.  Mom finally showed us some pictures.  She said it had room for our beds, a few toys, and some treats.  Huh?  Did she say a "few" toys and "some" treats?  So me and Stanley went through the pictures and then asked mom, "Mom is there enough room here for me and Stanley to wrestle for awhile after supper?"  Mom looked at dad and dad looked at mom and at the same exact time they both said "Oh crap . . . "  

To be continued . . .

Murphy & Stanley


  1. Hari OM
    I have to admit that if Madi hadn't beat me to it and your handsome schnooters hadn't shown up this evening, I'd have been working on my secret officer line too!!! I had wondered if it had something to do with wheelie houses... and seems I might be right! Wonder what's gonna roll up... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Maybe you could negotiate on the enough room for wrestling thing. Like, Mom and Dad could remove some of their gear to make more room for you two?
    Toodle pip!
    PS Available for dancing…...

  3. Maybe you can get a wrestling annex.....or use the big bed. Anyway, looks like you're off on more adventures.

  4. There better be wrestle room!! Geesshhhh


  5. It wouldn't be right to get a smaller wheelie house! Maybe your new one will have those slidey things to make it bigger when you get to the campground. That dance sounds fun. Walter hopes his best girl Tui reads this and gets the hint. Maybe her brother would be available for Millie to ask?

  6. Wow wow wow! Now you can go everywhere!

  7. We think it is going to be the bestest wheelie house EVER!!! The question the bed going to be big enough for the four of you??? BOL!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  8. oh lucky you - we wouldn love to have our own wheelie house - maybe you can come and visit us in it

  9. Well the good news is that there is another wheelie house,,,And I just know it will work out great!

  10. Looks like its big enough fur your dog stuff. Where are the humans gonna put their stuff?

  11. Wrestle room are a requirement! Duh!

  12. Mom and Dad got a bigger Wheelie house a few years ago. Went from a 16 ft to a 24 ft and they are happy they did. No slide outs though so no wrestle room - we can wrestle on the bed though
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  13. Wondered why we had not seen/heard from you as Mayorz for a while!!! Did you read my offer to help in your office til Taffy comes back!!!! Mum says she was a REALLY good secretary and I am sure we could help you!!!!! Would give mum something to do with herself.

  14. Oh it should have enough room for your "travel office" too... I mean Blogville is the town what never sleeps :o)

  15. Woohoo, a new wheelhouse, yay, I finks they's the pawfect way to travel and see things!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  16. Wow!! That old wheelie looks great, what must the new one look like?

    Love ya'll.....Mommy's girls

  17. Hi there, I can't wait to see your new Wheelie House-I bet it is going to be so fun for all of you.
    It feels like fall here-so bet it does in Utah too. Have a fantastic weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen, Hunter and Lily(who goes home tomorrow).

  18. Oh wow, a whole new wheelie house. I KNEW it!


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