Sunday, June 14, 2015


Mom and dad spent ALL DAY away from us yesterday!  That has NEVER EVER happened before!  We were scared they would be gone forever!  We heard that hoomans say we doggies cannot tell time but we let mom and dad know last night when they came home that we COULD tell time and we KNEW we had been abandoned ALL DAY and it scared us!

Mom said they were at an event honoring veterans, specifically a long overdue "Welcome Home" to the Vietnam era veterans.  I found some photos on her cell phone.

Canine Heros too!

Eventually they figured out that the banner would be better at the back of the tent.  They spent the day telling people about the event that happens this fall at our church.  The tent next to them was a Combat Veterans club.  Mom kept watching them all day and she said it affected her heart.

This was taken before it got busy.  Mom said thousands of people came to honor the vets with a car show, parade, concert, and other activities.
 But this is the one that really caused a lot of leaky eyes.  The story was in our newspapers too.  His plane was shot down and he was a POW in Hanoi. 

Murphy & Stanley


  1. Hari OM
    Got 'goosies' here doodz... both for you and that separation feeling... and for the Vets your peeps got to meet and greet... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. I had to fight with my tears as I read it on your mommas FB... that's such a touching way to say welcome home... and a super post for flag day... bravo bravo!!!
    easy rider

  3. SORRY that you Doods were scared and worried.... butt OMD what a GRAND EVENT and posting it on FLAG DAY was PAWFECT...

  4. OMCs the Mayorz were abandoned for an entire day. If your peeps did not put this request, in writing it is for they broke Mayoral protocol. I, always required prior approval before any absence.
    I say demerits are in order.
    Hugs madi your bff
    PS Mom says it was for a good cause and suggest you ignore my advice

  5. That was fitting reason to be gone but I'm sorry you were scared. I think extra pats and treats are in order.

    Abby Lab

  6. Boys you know that they would not leave you all day if it was not VERY important.

  7. Hello boys, I have relied on the saying that pups can't tell if their parents have been gone an hour, a day or a week(which is what we are hoping for Hunter)-because it makes me sad to think he wonders where we are. So glad he has Lily to play with. Your mom and dad wanted to honor some very special people. Hey, guess what, my grandson may be getting a Doodle puppy this year. Wouldn't that be exciting, because next year he might breed it and then we'd have one too. Hunter would love to have a brother or sister; we will just have to wait and see what develops.

  8. What a beautiful event to celebrate such bravery

  9. Doods, that must have been very scary, but at least you got proof that you weren't abandoned for just any old event. That Veterans day looks like it was really special.
    Toodle pip!

  10. Oh, that is so special! We're sorry your mom and dad left you for so long - but wow, what a wonderful event!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  11. Well....for an event like that, it was worth your sacrifice of staying home. But the STILL owe you some extra treats and cuddles.

  12. Wow, well they were away from you for a good cause! Hope they gave you plenty of belly rubs on return.

  13. What a wonderful way to honor veterans. I still have my POWs bracelet. I need to try and find him. He did return home. ☺ I'm sorry that you boys were scared, but you should know that your mom and dad always come home ♥

  14. Crikey ..... Well it was a wonderful way for your Mom and Dad to honour the verterans but they left you ALL DAY!!! AND you're still alive???? Fair dinkum????? You must have been really scared. I would die if Mum and Dad left me home alone ALL day. At least you have each other. that would help, aye??

  15. I remember having one of those POW bracelets! Actually, I think I had two of them. I don't know what happened to them though.

    Sorry your pawrent left you all day. That musta been ruff! Glad they came back though.

  16. Oh dear...gone all day, you say?!? Well, at least it was for a good cause, doodz. Honoring veterans is a very good reason to be gone all day. And what a wonderful story of the returning POW!
    P.S. The Rodeo hop is on the Blogville Tours page.

  17. Welll.... if they HAD to be gone ALL DAY, then at least it was for a worthy cause! But surely they could've taken you WITH them and warmed some veterans' hearts with puppy love??

  18. Welll.... if they HAD to be gone ALL DAY, then at least it was for a worthy cause! But surely they could've taken you WITH them and warmed some veterans' hearts with puppy love??

  19. We know what you mean about being left for too long. It looks like your pawrents had a good time though.

  20. A wonderful event! I have a friend who is a Viet Nam vet, still suffering from PTSD and agent orange. He'd love your message. Thank you.

  21. It is a shame that you couldn't go, I am sure you would have been good boys!


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