Saturday, June 6, 2015

Our Most Excellent Amazing Exciting Adventure

I have to tell you about the most excellent, amazing, exciting adventure me and Stanley had on Thursday.  As you must know from our prior 2 posts, we now have an inner fence all around the yard. That was cuz mom said I was Houdini but I don't know why she has to resort to name calling.  

Anyway, mom and dad just barely came home from grocery shopping and mom glanced out the (glass) door by our nook.  I sit there all the time checking out everything.  The door goes out to our deck.  There are 17 stairs that go from the deck to the ground.  Anyway, she looked out the door and said,
 "OMD! You will not believe what's on the deck!" 

 She said there was a squirrel out there on MY deck!  We don't see many squirrels around our house cuz there aren't a lot of trees.  But dad did not believe her.  So me and Stanley were looking out the door and dad opened the door to go onto the deck.  Mom told dad the squirrel was hiding by the BBQ.  So dad moved over there and the squirrel came flying out!

Me and Stanley saw that flying squirrel and went tearing downstairs and out our doggie door.  We went to the bottom of the deck stairs (there is a little gate so we couldn't go up the stairs) just as the squirrel came flying down the stairs.  I screamed at Stanley,
"OK Brother, it's on! Let's do this thing!"
I lit out after that squirell and Stanley lit out after me.  That squirrel could feel my breath on his tail cuz I was so close (mom note:  He really was).  I chased that squirrel all over the yard and along the fence line.  I nearly had him (mom note:  He really did).  He wanted to get out of the fence but could not cuz of the new inner fence!  Suddenly I really liked that fence!

That crazed squirrel was screeching like crazy (mom note:  He really was).  Mom was yelling out the "LEAVE IT" command but I THOUGHT she was saying,
"Murphy get that &^$#@* squirrel and mash it between your teeth."  
You can see how much one sounded like the other and that confusion only fueled me more to get that thing! Finally it was at the very bottom of the yard, by the big rocks.  I knew I had finally trapped it. I also knew my girlfurend Ruby would be so proud of me and I already planned to make her a hat out of that squirrel pelt.  (Remember the picture from yesterday?)

Then somehow he shot in-between two rocks and was back there screaming in terror (mom note:  He really was).  Dang it! I couldn't get to him!  By this time mom and dad were out in the yard and dad heard the nasty squirrel screaming in the rocks as me and Stanley stood by waiting for the moment he stuck his nose out to see if we were still there (we didn't bark this whole time cuz we were on the hunt).  

Dad pulled us away from the rock and he and mom made us go in the house.  I kept asking,
"Why mom, why?"  
Anyway, we stayed in the house (dad closed our doggie door) and we looked out the big picture window in the living room to see if the squirrel showed his face.  After about 87 minutes (mom note: 5 minutes), dad opened our doggie door and we went out to see if that lily livered squirrel slithered away like the coward he was.  Here is the picture mom finally took of us checking to see if he left. The arrows show his place in the rocks and the deck where it all started.

It was quite an adventure.  Next time I will not fail!

Squirrel Fighting Cowboys Murphy & Stanley


  1. Dear Murphy and Stanley,

    We think you were robbed not getting to catch a squirrel. Squirrels are very good to catch and eat.

    Hailey a successful squirrel hunter

  2. so close but so far - at least it will think twice before trespassing on you domain again

  3. Hari OM
    Slinky-malinky-squirrel slipped your paws huh? That'll teach it to leave the trees... You gave it a real fright, fur certain sure... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. OMD OMD you went on a HUNT... WOW That is Fangtastic... and SOOOOOO exciting.
    We are VERY much PROUD of your HUNTING SKILLS...

    Of course CATCHING that EVIL DEVIL would have been Good too....

  5. Oh wow... you nearly got that red gremlin.... boy, that was really close... that this mom's always say NO when we are on the way to get a really tasty treat? ... a miracle..
    easy rider

  6. Yap we totally agree with u, we think the Leave It command sounded just the way u heard it. Lol.

  7. Wow! What a great adventure! (I have personally caught rabbits because they can't get through the chain link fence.) Unfortunately, we have a great big silver maple tree in our yard that the squirrels scamper up when we chase them.

  8. IMPRESSIVE !!! I'm sure dat cry baby squirrel will never invade your yard again. High Paws !!!!

  9. What an exciting adventure, we were sitting on the edge of our beds!! We can't understand why your peeps wouldn't let you catch him....Sasha could have used it for some squirrel stew at the Rodeo!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. Those dang squirrels never give up
    Lily & Edward

  11. Wow! What an adventure and you came THISSSSS close to catching that squirrel. I tend to ignore the squirrels as our long driveway is lined with these big Spruces and they have too many escape routes but there better not be any wabbits in my yard!

    Abby Lab

  12. Murphy and Stanley
    Oh do we need your expertise here at our abode. WE have way tooooooo many squirrels and we are having a time with them digging in our container pots. By chance do you have a few extra moments to come over here?
    Hugs madi your bfff

  13. What brave boys you were! We don't have squirrels in our immediate area, but they'd be Hunter's size for sure, so that took a lot of courage to corner him.
    Noreen & Hunter

  14. First of all, what an insane squirrel. We thought all that chicken wire would keep squirrels out! We think he just wanted to prove a point....and you proved a point as well. Squirrels NOT welcome. What great work guys. We be that squirrel is somewhere on the eastcoast by now!

  15. Just a note - Mom didn't let me chase in squirrels but she made cookies (added to her post) and the house smells SO Nummy right now.

  16. Crikey ....... Darn rocks!!!!!!! You had him ....... you really did ...... darn rocks!!!!!!

  17. Whoa...a real live squirrel?! And you were THAT close to catching it?! That is indeed most excellent amazing exciting!

  18. Close, but not cigar. Or skwerril I guess.

  19. The squirrel screamed would be a great name of a horror movie. I never knew they screamed. He is still out there. Your great white whale. Or your tiny grey squirrel.

  20. OMD!!!!! OMD!!!!!! OMD!!!!!! MURPHY!!!!! You would have got him if your Evil Moms wouldn't have stopped you!!!! I thinks I'm gonna FAINT with pride..*thud*.....whew! Okays, I'm betters I was sayin'...BRAVO!!!! Good work my STUD MUFFIN!! I knows next time, you will catch him and make me that FABulous Squirrel Pelt Hat, and I will be the envy of all of Blogville!!! BTW, i too loves that inner fence...☺
    You are my HERO!!!! ♥♥♥
    Stanley, you were most EXCELLENT backup my furiend!!! Taffy will be most proud of you!!!
    I will be staring up at the stars tonight, and thinkin' of your most excellent hunting skills, and your most FABulous gleaming furs...
    Ruby ♥♥
    Cherry Bomb!!!!!

  21. BOL!!! you guys are FUNNY!!! and wish Sugar can join you. Silly Sugar was playing (chasing) FRED too. BTW: how's your neighbor n looks like no dog, yay! Have a great relaxing Sunday. Golden Woofs

  22. How exciting! You guys did a great job even if your mom kept you from catching the prize. I'm planning to be at work tomorrow, Stanley! I can't wait to see you.

  23. WOW! Now that is just downright exciting! (And seriously, you are so right -- "LEAVE IT" and "Murphy get that &^$#@* squirrel and mash it between your teeth" are like those synonym things or whatever.) Way to go, you guys!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  24. OMD, what a story! I was on the edge of my seat. Do squirrels really and truly scream? I wish you'd video-ed the whole great thing!!!!! I bet that squirrel is never ever coming back again.

  25. OMD! We were on the edge of our seats too reading this!! I, Chloe, caught one of those little chipmunk varmints right in my mouth!! Mama MADE me drop him...but he was SQUEALING (probably out of sheer terror). I did not hurt that little guy...just wanted to play with him! I was super gentle nut mama was totally freaking out like the thing had rabies or something! So...yeah...we can relate to your entire ordeal! Maybe next time you will get him! Xo Chloe and LadyBug

  26. Wow! What excitement in Ogden! Our squirrels are much more insolent; the just scurry up trees and shout 'neener-neener' at us. The bunnies in our yard are easier to catch, anyway.... (Funny, our Mom yells 'Leave it' at us with the bunnies, and yet it always sounds like 'rabbit pie would be great tonight' to us...)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  27. OH.MY.DOG. A true squirrel chase and capture right there in your back yard?!? This post was so exciting...I could feel the tension of the chase and the disappointment of being led back into the house before the JOB was DONE.

  28. Well that was most exciting indeed. But oh what a shame your Mom and Dad had to step in and spoil it all…
    Toodle pip!

  29. OMD squirrels drive us mad too! How terrible you couldn't get him!!!

  30. OMD, Murphy, you were so brave and such a ferocious hunter!! It is not your fault AT ALL that your hunt was SPOILED AND RUINED by your pawrents. You totally had him!

  31. OMD, Murphy, you were so brave and such a ferocious hunter!! It is not your fault AT ALL that your hunt was SPOILED AND RUINED by your pawrents. You totally had him!

  32. Holy Dogs, that was so exciting! My heart is racing just thinking about all of that. You could have had a nice squirrel stew for supper. Moms sometimes take all the fun out of things. I hope he comes back when Mom isn't around.

    Loveys Sasha

  33. That was one good adventure, wasn't it?
    To tell the the truth,, I don't think squirrels taste good,,,, so it was a good thing it got away,,,
    do you think?

  34. Oh a very exciting adventure! Next time call for backup and we will all give chase!

  35. WOW!! You 2 probably scared the bezeebies outta him bol
    Good job and he will now know that the fence is there!! Youll get him next time.


  36. I'm pretty sure that you understood your mom saying "Get that smarmy tree rat and make it into a hat" Pierre sits on patrol from Squirrel:thirty (5:30) until dark waiting for the big chicken head squirrels to enter our perimeter and then Mom opens the door and he shoots out like a cannonball. It is very funny and he gets close, but there are too many trees they can escape up! Good job guys! Your Pal, Bentley

  37. I think you need to go to your Ruby's house... She has one of them guys in her tree!!


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