Friday, January 23, 2015

Important Announcement

Friends, it has come to our attention that someone is stealing our posts as well as the posts of others.  In looking over the stats I receive showing blog activity I think it might be coming from Pakistan.  My thought right off is that someone is trying to make their blog appear authentic by stealing from others.  So far I am aware of 2 posts they stole.  The post from the other day when the Doods asked our their dates for the date was stolen as was today's post with the marathon runners.

My gut feeling is that they will continue stealing posts and that it is more than just a poor excuse of a person trying to look like they are more creative than they really are.  I think this is someone trying to get accepted into the dog blog community.

In a worse case scenario we may be forced to change our blog to "PRIVATE".  If that is the case we will need you to send us your email so we can give you access to us.  If we might not recognize you, let us know what blog you are coming from.  We know this will be a hassle but once we okay you then it would work like normal.  We would only stay "PRIVATE" until this site is taken down or the problem is otherwise resolved.  So in case you come to see us and get stopped, PLEASE send us your email so we get approve you into our blog.

Murphy, Stanley & Mom


It would probably be best to not go to the offending blog.  I am sure they are tracking!


  1. THIS is OUTRAGEOUS..... this will not be tolerated.... Blogville's MayorZ can NOT be the victims of such an atrocity. We hope that the THIEF is FOUND and that BLOGGER LOCKS DOWN the offensive Blog. SO very much sorry this has happened... but on the glimmer of bright side... it is flattering that they think so much of YOU that they would steal your words and pictures...

  2. Oh my gosh I cannot believe this is happening...we didn't fink anyone would want to steal our blog...geeze louise. you have our email so we are safe...hugs stella rose and momma

  3. Oh great!! Our pictures are stolen ALL the time. It is so frustrating considering most are watermarked
    Lily & Edward

  4. Hari OM
    Hey doods - err - your honouraries - this is a big CONCERN!!! I just popped over there and this very post has already appeared on that site - which suggests a 'phishing' form of posting.. I am sure you will have done a full and thorough 'vermination' of your machines.... the site is clearly very new and is probably only just getting started. This could be a perfectly innocent and naive setup; one is concerned however that it may be a 'cover'... If you were able to discover the site then there must be a way to block it or condemn as spam?

    Anyone with any awareness can see that it is not a cohesive setup and genuine veiwers will automatically become suspicious at no true identifications. I do hope you are able to resolve this with haste and minimal repercussions.

    You have my email so do please 'authorise' me!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. ...of course then I read the BIG RED WARNING not to go and I even had the thought myself as I typed the comment that it was not the wisest move... tsk for a very smart lady and can be a dumb broad at times....

  5. My blog content was stolen by this site as well. More than 30 of my posts are on there!! :( This post that you just made also just appeared on their site!

  6. This is so upsetting! I have known another blogging friend who had photos of their family stolen and posted in Asia that the family was their's-which was silly because of the different races. I hope that this ends quickly-I don't want to check and see if I'm on there.
    Wags, Noreen & Hunter

  7. Crikey ..... I'm not going there. I don't want to know if I'm on there? What to do???? ANYONE can look at my site. Should I change this????? Do they really steal photos?? Crikey ...... Mum might never show photos of our family ever again!! What's wrong with SOME people??

  8. That's very interesting. Last week I received a comment from someone I don't know on a post that was made many months ago. I thought that was strange. Sometimes I wonder why I get views from certain countries whom I wouldn't think would be interested in my doggies and their stories. I also got a "phishing detected" notice from my security program recently. I'll be sure to ask my techno kid about this. Thank you so much for the warning!

  9. OMD this is just awful! Definitely not the proper conduct of a citizen of Blogville and they will be cursed for their bad conduct. I'm so sorry this is happening. Maybe Blogger will somehow step in and do something about this.

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  11. Horrible, horrible, worse than just spamming... stealing! We are at, and Stella Rose will vouch for us.

  12. This is sooo terrible,, I do not want to look to see "who all" have been stolen,,
    Were we stolen too??
    We have been getting lots of spam.. that blogger catches,, but the other day one slipped through, and we deleted it right away,,,, some crazy language-- was what the comment was.
    Have we all been captured..?
    In this day and age,, this could be the beginning of something very ugly.
    More poop on them!

  13. OMD. This is unacceptable. I may have to go over dar and pee on dar blog.

  14. Disgusting. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. And to others. No I won't visit the offending site. They don't deserve to have any more attention than they've already gotten. Hopefully they'll be removed ASAP.


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